Most Shocking Moments In Demon Slayer


Here is everything you need to know about the most shocking moments in Demon Slayer.

Tanjiro Saw a Sword Inside the Yoriichi Type ZeroTanjiro Saw a Sword Inside the Yoriichi Type Zero

Demon Slayer’s third season packed all kinds of plot twists and shocking moments. One of the milder ones involved the Yoriichi Type Zero training doll. That doll was already falling apart when Tanjiro first saw it. When it broke apart completely, Tanjiro beheld a rusty old sword in its body.

That sword was a few centuries old, and evidently, no one knew that it had been stored inside the Yoriichi Type Zero. This shocking moment has yet to pay off in the anime, but surely, that sword will mean something later.

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Genya Used a Shotgun In Battle

Genya Used a Shotgun In Battle

Genya Shinazugawa wasn’t seen fighting for real until Demon Slayer’s third season. He helped Tanjiro and Nezuko take on the mighty Hantengu, the Upper Moon 4. Instead of using breathing techniques with his Nichirin sword, however, Genya whipped out a double-barreled shotgun and opened fire.

That was the first and so far only time firearms have been used in combat in this anime series. Genya used such weapons because he was incapable of breathing techniques. He decided to be more resourceful with anti-demon shotgun ammo.

Muzan Attacked a Man In TokyoMuzan Attacked a Man In Tokyo

Tanjiro and Nezuko marveled at the sights and sounds of Taisho-era Tokyo. Then Tanjiro smelled a demon in the crowded city streets. He confronted Muzan Kibutsuji himself, but Muzan played dumb to maintain his facade. To get rid of the nosy Tanjiro, Muzan caused a diversion—by making another demon.

With one casual strike, Muzan cut a man on the neck and morphed him into a demon within seconds. The newly minted demon attacked his wife, and Muzan slipped away in the confusion.


Zenitsu First Used Thunder Breathing
Zenitsu First Used Thunder Breathing

At first, it seemed the timid Zenitsu Agatsuma was all talk, and fans wondered how he even survived the final selection exam. Zenitsu felt like dead weight when Tanjiro went into Kyogai’s house to save the day. Then a demon cornered a terrified Zenitsu. At that moment, Zenitsu passed out and turned it all around.

That was when Zenitsu first used thunder breathing, striking down that demon with a single lightning-fast move. In just a few seconds, Zenitsu proved his worth as a fighter. It got Demon Slayer fans pumped to see more of Zenitsu the sleepwalking demon hunter.

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Nezuko Survived SunlightNezuko Survived Sunlight

It was shocking enough to see Daki survive decapitation, but she had Gyutaro’s bond to help her survive. Then, Demon Slayer’s third season took demon survival to the next level when Nezuko Kamado was exposed to the sun’s morning rays. Tanjiro was convinced his sister had died, but then he turned and saw her alive and well.


For the first time ever, a demon stood safely in sunlight, which was a happy moment with a dark edge. Nezuko’s worst weakness was gone, but that also made her a prime target for Muzan, who sought the secret to sunlight survival above all else.

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