Best Demon Slayer Manga Panels

Here is everything you need to know about the best Demon Slayer Manga panels.

The Infinity CastleThe Infinity Castle

The Infinity Castle is the manifestation of a Demon Blood Art used by one of Muzan’s subordinates, It also serves as his main base of operations, where he and the Upper Moons occasionally convene. The castle is a winding labyrinth with stairs leading to nowhere and hallways on top of the hallways.

In one particular spread, the manga shows off the inside of the castle in nearly all its glory, including the labyrinthine stairwells and infinite hallways. It is a testament to Gotouge’s ability to map out and draw three-dimensional spaces while also giving them a sense of scale.

Zenitsu VS KaigakuZenitsu VS Kaigaku

Zenitsu is what most people would call a “one-trick pony,” both as a character and as a fighter. He doesn’t have much going for him outside of fawning over Nezuko, being a coward, and fainting from his cowardice. Then taking out his foe with the sole technique he spent countless hours honing under the tutelage of the former Thunder Hashira.

Zenitsu’s old comrade, Kaigaku, mocks him over his stagnation. And gloats about how becoming a demon has yielded more results for him than Demon Slayer training ever has. In response, Zenitsu picks himself by his bootstraps before creating and unleashing a Thunder Breathing technique exclusive to him.

Full-Power NezukoFull-Power Nezuko

The Entertainment District Arc had a lot of surprises in store for the readers. Like the appearance of Tanjiro’s Demon Slayer mark and the reveal that the Upper Moon title can be shared between multiple individuals. One of the biggest takeaways from that arc was Nezuko’s short.

The panel that shows off her new form in all its glory took the internet by storm for numerous reasons. But more important than that was the spike in power she received from turning into a larger, stronger more mature-looking version of herself. The manga foreshadowed this multiple times with Nezuko’s ability to change her size.

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The Hashira MeetingThe Hashira Meeting

Following the adventure at Mount Natagumo, Tanjiro, and his friends are taken to the Demon Slayer Corps headquarters. They meet the organization’s strongest members face to face. Some of them can’t help but take a few jabs at their juniors; the encounter is chaotic overall.

All that unruly energy, however, flies out the window once their leader comes into the picture. When Kagaya Ubuyashiki softly calls the Hashira to attention, they line up and kneel before him without hesitation. Group shots are almost always appreciated in anime and manga, especially heroic lineups.

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