Most Shocking Moments In My Hero Academia


Here is everything you need to know about the most shocking moments in My Hero Academia.

Kirishima Becomes A MeatballKirishima Becomes A Meatball

While competing to get their Provisional Hero Licenses, the UA students and the Shiketsu students have multiple face-offs. However, one of the most notable fights is between Bakugo, Eijiro Kirishima, Denki Kaminari, and Shiketsu.

The UA students are disadvantaged by not knowing the other students’ Quirk. Kirishima rushes into conflict with Shishikura, only to be turned into a human meatball. The transformation is so jarring and grotesque that the sight of Kirishima is almost a bigger blow than Shishikura’s attack.

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Sir Nighteye’s DeathSir Nighteye's Death

Sir Nighteye was an interesting character not only for his Foresight Quirk but also for his relationship with All Might. As All Might’s old sidekick, Nighteye had a lot of knowledge and background that could have helped Midoriya with One For All.

Nighteye’s death was so surprising because he seemed like he had a lot more to add to the story. Plus, it is rare in any show for a hero to be seen dying. Nighteye’s passing was a sorrowful reminder that no one is immune to death.

Aizawa Loses A LegAizawa Loses A Leg

The War Arc is filled with some of the most shocking situations. One of the most disturbing, instances is when Shota Aizawa is forced to cut his leg off. When Aizawa is hit by a Quirk-erasing dart amidst battle, he doesn’t have time to think if he wants to save himself from being Quirkless.

Knowing that the poison probably travels through the blood system, Aizawa cuts his own leg off. Though it was extremely heroic and impressive, watching Aizawa do something so agonizing is disturbing to many My Hero Academia fans.


Hawks Murders TwiceHawks Murders Twice

The raid on the Paranormal Liberation Front’s hideout is chaotic, to say the least. Heroes and villains clash in hundreds of smaller battles as both sides try to win the day. However, the most notable battle is between Hawks, Dabi, and Twice.

Faced with Twice’s new ultimate move, Sad Man Parade, and the intervening Dabi’s Blue Flame Quirk. Hawks take drastic measures and stabs Twice before Twice falls over a railing and perishes. Fans were stunned that a supposed hero would resort to killing a villain.

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Lemillion Loses His QuirkLemillion Loses His Quirk

Mirio Togata’s dream is to save one million people. He believes in it so much that he uses his goal as his hero name: Lemillion. Yet, after Lemillion participates in the Shie Hassaikai raid, it seems that all his hopes are dashed.


Lemillion is attempting to save a little girl named Eri from the villain Overhaul. He is hit with a dart containing anti-Quirk serum. The drug works quickly, and soon Lemillion is rendered Quirkless. Although he continues fighting without his Quirk, his hopes to be a Pro Hero are dashed in an instant.

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