Saddest Deaths In My Hero Academia

Here is everything you need to know about the saddest deaths in My Hero Academia.

Yoichi ShigarakiMy Hero Academia: One for All's First User Revealed

Yoichi is the first user of One for All, but he is far too weak to fight and unable to do much. It was believed that he didn’t have a Quirk, and his brother forcefully gave him a Quirk. However, Yoichi did have a Quirk that allowed him to transfer it to other people.

It is known that he tried to fight All for One and was rescued by the second and third users of One for All. He lived long enough to pass his Quirk onto them and his strong sense of justice remains alive in all the users.

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MagneMy Hero Academia Fans Are Praising the Anime's Latest LGBTQ Moment

Magne was only around for a relatively short time, her death definitely shook her friends and fans. Even though she was a criminal, Magne just wanted to live life the way she wanted and proudly accepted herself. She was a big sister figure to some of her fellow villains and a lot of them cared about her.

Her brutal death at the hands of Kai Chisaki was unexpected and left a few of her friends scarred, especially Twice. At the end of the Shie Hissaikai, the League of Villains would avenge her death by taking away Overhaul’s arms.

Nana ShimuraMy Hero Academia Shares Nana Shimura's Quirk

Nana was a good friend to the former number-one Hero and well-known Hero Gran Torino. She’s the one who gave All Might the One for All Quirk and trained him on how to use it. She would go on to have a family but put her son in foster care after her husband died.

Nana’s death isn’t shown, but it is known that she died fighting All for One. She will to defeat him would continue to live on in her successor All Might and his successor Izuku Midoriya.

TwiceMy Hero Academia: 4 characters that Twice can beat (and 4 he never will)

Twice isn’t a typical villain and is more of a sympathetic figure when compared to his comrades. If anything he’s one villain that some rooted for because he was a cool character. He felt immense guilt over Magne’s death since he was the one who brought Overhaul to meet with them.

Despite his good nature, Twice was still a villain and a great threat. During the Paranormal Liberation War Arc, he fights Hawks and dies.

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Sir NighteyeMy Hero Academia: 10 Details You Never Noticed About Sir Nighteye

Sir Nighteye’s death still stings fans pretty hard. He started off as a man who didn’t believe that Izuku Midoriya deserved One for All and that Mirio should’ve been the next user. It was easy to see why he looked serious all the time. But Sir Nighteye fully believed that a world without smiles and laughter meant there wouldn’t be a bright future.

During the Shie Hassaikai Arc, Sir Nighteye joined the operation to save Eri and fought off several Hassaikai members. He would join the fight against Overhaul but would end up getting fatally wounded. Sir Nighteye smiled as he passed on, telling all of his friends and students to keep smiling.

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