Most Stubborn Anime Couples

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Here is everything you need to know about the most stubborn anime couples.

Kaguya & MiyukiKaguya & Miyuki

No other couple in anime can come close to the mutual stubbornness between Miyuki and Kaguya. Their tête-à-têtes are a bit more subtle than the average romantic comedy couple, though. As the title suggests, the two fight a war of back-handed remarks, verbal traps, and social slights.

Miyuki and Kaguya are both obsessed with each other, but they think of expressing that as “losing.” Neither one of them is willing to be the “loser.” Kaguya is the most stubborn and competitive of the two, but Miyuki is happy to meet her energy.

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Raeliana & NoahRaeliana & Noah

When Raeliana’s in a bind, she insists on roping Noah Wynknight into her scheme. The two don’t fall head over heels for each other immediately. Noah is certainly intrigued by Raeliana and her wily nature. And just as Noah plans on getting the most out of the fake courtship, Raeliana is glad to hold his feet to the fire.

Noah is hard to read, which always sends Raeliana into a tailspin. She’s never sure of his motives or if he can be moved to do what she needs. Often, Raeliana must try to connect the dots, and sometimes their misunderstandings make her rebuff him.

Shinya & AyameShinya & Ayame

Science Fell In Love, So I Tried to Prove It is a light-hearted romantic comedy, with a premise built on two people’s silly level of stubbornness. Ayame and Shinya are both accomplished scientists, and they’re pragmatic to the point of goofiness. Ayame is more strong-willed; she’s willing to admit first that she has feelings for Shinya.

Shinya is a bit more reticent. He does care for Ayame, but he’s not willing to share how much. Though bold in different ways, they both refuse to give in love without more data. They’re insistent on doing the impossible: scientifically quantifying love.

Usui & MisakiUsui & Misaki

Misaki must be single-minded and over-the-top driven in Maid Sama! because it takes that much to retain her standing in school. She attends a school populated mostly by boys; she and her fellow female classmates are a newer addition.

But just as Misaki is bound to do everything on her own, Usui is determined to get to know her. Usui doesn’t just want to get to know her, he wants to be a helpful person to her. He can go too far sometimes, but ultimately the couple is great together.

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Hak & YonaHak & Yona

Hak’s stubbornness lies in his protective nature over Yona in Yona of the Dawn. He comes by it honestly because he was essentially raised to be her bodyguard, and she does need a lot of help.

When Yona wants to take more charge of her fate and learn how to fight, Hak resists. He has to overcome his high-handedness so that she can grow. Yona persists though, meeting him measure for measure. When they’re in battle, she also refuses to leave his side, even if she’s in danger.

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