Mushoku Tensei: Depressed Magician Arc: New Manga Announced!

Mushoku Tensei has been blowing up in the anime community, especially among fans of the isekai genre. The series has been tremendously praised for its stunning, high quality animation.

On top of that, the storyline always keeps getting better, and the nuanced characterization is what hooked a lot of fans. So what’s not to love?

Now that Season 1 has reached its end, everyone is curious about future projects related to the series. So naturally, all attention has been directed to the manga. And the good news is that a new manga will soon be joining the Mushoku Tensei family.

Mushoku Tensei

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News of this came from a source on Twitter with the username @Namaryuu, which is a popular page that centers on updating all things related to light novels.

Fans learnt from their post that Mushoku Tensei is getting a brand new manga volume, and that it will be adapting a favorite light novel arc.

The post read: “The new manga adaptation of volume 7 of Mushoku Tensei is called: “Mushoku Tensei: Depressed Magician Arc”.

Mushoku Tensei New Manga

The content for this is based on the light novel, so those fans who have read volume 7 will be familiar with the story.

The post also goes on to state that Mushoku Tensei will adapt the light novel arc and release the first chapter in late December, once the anime’s season finale is wrapped up.

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So, it’s really quite exciting news for Mushoku Tensei fans. They get to jump straight into this new manga after the anime ends, so they won’t be starved of content that’s for sure. After the way the anime’s season finale ended, everyone is curious about how and on what note the manga will begin.

If everything goes well, this new manga arc will most likely make it into the anime in the future, but of course, since the season just recently closed, we’ll have to wait a while before that happens.

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