My Hero Academia Ep 103 Preview And Leaks

My hero academia ep 103

My Hero Academia Ep 103 is going to air on July 10 2021. However, here are some leaks for this episode. The episode is part of the Internship at Endeavour Agency Arc.

In the last episode, Hawks and Dabi contact each other. Hawks wants to prove his worth to Dabi. Dabi gives Hawks a mission to target another hero other than the number one Hero. Hawks goes to the home of Best Jeanist and seemingly kills him.

Izuku returns home and meets his mother as they share an emotional and tearful moment. He sets off for his internship the next day. Meanwhile, Slidin Go questions Hawks for going off on his own.

It is revealed that Hawks has trackers in his wings. These were placed by the mysterious organization which is planning to expose Heroes. Izuku teams up with Shoto and Bakugo and meets Endeavor.

Izuku, Shoto, and Bakugo start chasing Endeavour for their internship. During this time, they encounter and confront Starservant who can manipulate glass.

As he tries to bring terror, Endeavor quickly stops his quirk from manifesting. Starservant runs off and leads Endeavor into an alley and ambushes him. Izuku and Bakugo reach and engage the villains.

However, Hawks reaches and takes out all three of them. After they are arrested, Hawks approaches Endeavor with a book about the Meta Liberation Army. He also hands the book to the trio.

Later, the trio reaches the headquarters of Endeavor’s Agency. The Flaming Sidekickers  give them a warm welcome. Endeavor checks out the book and decipher’s Hawks’ secret message. The Paranormal Liberation Army is about to move.

My Hero Academia ep 103 will cover:

  • Daruma starts his operation on Tomura preparing him as a vessel
  • Hawks continues his investigation
  • Endeavor trains the trio
  • Dinner at  the Todoroki residence

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