My Hero Academia: The Strongest Villains in History

Ever since the first Quirk appeared in the world of My Hero Academia, villains and heroes have thrived because of their powers. While heroes try to maintain the peace and save those in need, villains do their best to disrupt it with vicious plans in their minds, or worse, simply on a whim. Here is all you need to know about My Hero Academia’s strongest villains.

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InnsmouthInnsmouth: My Hero Academia: The Strongest Villains in History

Exclusive to the My Hero Academia anime, Innsmouth is a petty criminal. He isn’t afraid to take hostages for the needs of himself and his family. However, despite the type of villain he is, Innsmouth can’t be misjudged.

His Quirk is Octopus, and it gives him the abilities of the ocean creature and more. That includes superhuman strength and multiple appendages. Though he was defeated by the hero Selkie, Innsmouth was still a challenge.

Himiko TogaHimiko Toga

Himiko Toga is a sadist. On the surface, she’ll adore someone she battles, no matter hero or villain. Yet, if that person is critically injured, especially by her, Himiko’s adoration turns into obsession.

She needs to injure them because her Quirk, Transformation, depends on it. In order to become a lookalike of another person, including emulating their voice, she needs to ingest that individual’s blood. The more she drinks the longer she retains the form.

My Hero Academia: The Strongest Villains in History

The Nomu has been a great threat to the common people and the heroes alike. Their strength varies greatly, with the ones that showed up at Hosu being weak and the likes of the U.S.J. Nomu or the High-End being extremely powerful. The strongest Nomu so far in the series remains to be High-End who fought Endeavor and Hawks.

Unlike other Nomu, the High-End is simultaneously sentient and much stronger than the others. With his powers, the villain is capable of pushing back Endeavor who needed help from Hawks and had to push beyond all his limits to emerge victorious in the fight.

Kai ChisakiKai Chisaki

Kai Chisaki is a heinous villain who had both the heroes and the villains sweating at one point. His Quirk, known as Overhaul gives him the ability to reconstruct and deconstruct anything he touches.

Just a touch from Chisaki’s hands is enough to kill anyone. After fusing with his subordinates, Chisaki grew even further in terms of strength and could hold his own against Midoriya.

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Nine is the main antagonist of the My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising movie. His power is so grand that it’s said to be potentially above the level of All For One. Although his strength hasn’t been completely revealed yet, it is known that Nine possesses the power to steal Quirks, just like All For One.

It is said that he’s managed to get his hands on a total of eight Quirks. Moreover, Nine is also seen using an ability that lets him emit purple radiation from his hands.

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