My Hero Academia’s Strongest Mutant Quirks

Here is everything you need to know about My Hero Academia’s strongest mutant Quirks.


Select members of the prestigious Ida family have engine mufflers inside their body parts. Tensei has them on his arms, while Tenya has them on his legs. This Mutant Quirk allows them to move at extremely fast speeds.

Through a very painful process of pulling out the engine parts and regrowing them, Tenya has become more intense in his fighting style. Recipro Turbo is among the fastest moves in My Hero Academia. With a series of high-speed kicks, Tenya can overwhelm his opponents.

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Overhaul’s right-hand man can extend his arrow-shaped hair in a straight line. It will slow down any target it touches, which can last from one minute to an entire hour. Hari’s hair can extend at very long distances. All it takes is a single hit to incapacitate opponents.

However, there is a severe drawback to Chronostasis. Users cannot move while they are using this Quirk, meaning they have to stay in place. This makes them very easy targets if they cannot hit their opponent.


Killer whales are very powerful creatures, which is what makes them perfect for Mutant Quirks. This Pro Hero can do anything a regular Orca can do. For example, he can paralyze targets with hypersonic waves. His size and strength also give him a major advantage during battles.

Gang Orca does have a specific weakness to hot temperatures. Nonetheless, his Mutant Quirk is perfect for close-range combat. During the Provisional Hero License Exam, he managed to fight two recommended students in Shoto Todoroki and Inasa Yoarashi.

 High Spec High Spec

Mutant Quirks rarely form in animals, but there are a few exceptions. High Spec is what makes Nezu a highly intelligent character in My Hero Academia. It gives him the brain power to easily surpass humankind.

Nezu might be a talking animal, but he is also the principal of Japan’s top hero academy. His leadership skills are the result of his genius intellect and meticulous planning. Nezu has the ability to formulate complex strategies in only a few seconds, which is best shown in the Final Exams arc.

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Life ForceLife Force

There is a reason why All For One ran the criminal underworld for over a century. Life Force is a very rare Quirk in My Hero Academia, but it’s also extremely beneficial. Users will age at a far slower rate, allowing them to live much longer.

The Quirk originally belonged to Kyudai Garaki, who is at least 120 years old in reality. Sometime in the past, he transferred the Mutant Quirk to his master All For One. In the meantime, the doctor kept a duplicate for himself.

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