My Isekai Life Episode 3 Release Date, Spoilers, and other Details


The first two episodes of My Isekai Life are out and the series is looking promising so far. If you want to know what’s to come in My Isekai Life Episode 3, head down below.

About My Isekai Life

My Isekai Life, in short, is a Japanese light novel series written by Shinkoshoto and illustrated by Huuka Kazabana. There’s also a manga adaptation.

The story centers around an overworked corporate employee, Yuji Sano who stumbles upon a message on his computer summoning him to another world.

He accidentally accepts the invitation and upon arriving in this fantasy world, he befriends slimes who help him gain so much magical knowledge that he quickly gains a second character class. The series then follows all of Yuji’s many adventures now that he’s the most powerful sage in this new realm.


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Recap of My Isekai Life Episodes 1 and 2

  • In Episode 1, a group of adventurers makes fun of their colleague, Gale, for telling them he witnessed a bunch of slimes breathing fire. Later on, our monster tamer protagonist Yuji shows up at the guild. He has returned from his quest with results much better than expected of him.

My Isekai Life Episode 1

  • Suddenly, there’s an announcement that around ten thousand monsters are heading toward the town.
  • Everyone starts preparing to protect the town. Yuji volunteers to get rid of the monsters by using a trick with a dragon bone. While the adventurers take up the front lines, Yuji and the slimes keep watch on the perimeter.
  • The monsters then show up and fight the adventurers. Yuji prepares a large-scale fire spell to defeat the monsters.
  • In mid-attack, some of the slimes encounter a mysterious cloaked man with a dangerous magic stone. They restrain him, but he dies before they can get him to spill anything.
  • Yuji and the slimes put up a barrier around the town before casting the fire spell twice. The large-scale spell takes a lot of MP from Yuji, and he collapses.
  • Yuji, Proud Wolf, and the slimes quietly take their leave while the town celebrates.
  • In Episode 2, they are in a new town. Yuji goes to the town’s guild and joins a party. He meets Rodis, a dagger expert, Tina, an archer, and Lisa, a lancer. After they learn that Yuji is a tamer, they assign him to enemy tracking.

My Isekai Life Episode 1

  • After they spend their day working on their quest, the party sets up camp. While Yuji sleeps, the slimes inform him that Rodis, Tina and Lisa are gone.
  • Rodis is rumored to be a shady guy. Yuji realizes it’s true because Rodis snuck out to talk to an infamous bandit with a high bounty. Before they get to Tina and Lisa, Yuji uses a freeze spell on the bandits’ camp.
  • Yuji’s group then searches for a new camp spot. Yuji thinks about the information he has gathered so far and how the cult is probably the one that attacked the previous town.

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My Isekai Life Episode 3 Release Date

My Isekai Life Episode 3 is set to be released on Monday, July 11, 2022.

My Isekai Life Episode 3 Spoilers

In My Isekai Life Episode 3, Yuji and the slimes might probably encounter another enemy.

Where to Watch My Isekai Life Online?

You can watch the series on the anime focused streaming platform, HIDIVE. Most international viewers in English speaking regions outside of Asia will be able to access the series on HIDIVE. The series will unfortunately not be available on Crunchyroll.


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