Naruto’s Strongest Techniques That Can Kill The User


Here is everything you need to know about Naruto’s strongest techniques that can kill the user.

Reaper Death SealReaper Death Seal

Reaper Death Seal is a forbidden sealing technique developed by the Uzumaki Clan of Uzushiogakure. The clan was renowned for its sealing techniques, which made the entire world fear their power. The Uzumaki Clan members also had immense life force.

The Reaper Death Seal was one of their most feared jutsu. It involves summoning the shinigami who seals away the target’s soul. However, it also results in the user’s death.

One’s Own Life ReincarnationOne's Own Life Reincarnation

This particular jutsu was developed by the Puppet Brigade of the Hidden Sand. With the help of this technique, the user can bring back a person from the dead. It can also be used to heal potentially fatal injuries, leaving the user on the cusp of exhaustion.


In order to revive a dead person, the user has to sacrifice their own life. Due to the nature of this technique, it was classified as forbidden.

Creation RebirthCreation Rebirth: Naruto's Strongest Techniques That Can Kill The User

Creation Rebirth was created by Tsunade Senju with the aim of protecting her teammates. It is a high-level technique that can only be used by those who have mastered medical ninjutsu. In order to use this technique, Tsunade releases an outrageous amount of chakra.

However, the technique only boosts the formation of new cells, and the old cells are lost. Due to this reason, the natural lifespan of the user is shortened.

Eight Inner Gates FormationEight Inner Gates Formation

The Eight Inner Gates technique was developed by Might Duy. He was known as the Eternal Genin because of his inability to get promoted. However, Duy was not bothered by the remarks. He continued to train hard and eventually created the Eight Inner Gates. This technique allows its user to fully utilize their inner strength, but it puts great strain on their body.


Dai passed his knowledge on to his son Guy and made him promise only to use it in perilous situations. Duy ended up using the Eight Gate to fight the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist, which is a remarkable feat. However, he lost his life in the process.

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RasenshurikenRasenshuriken: Naruto's Strongest Techniques That Can Kill The User

The Rasenshuriken is one of Naruto Uzumaki’s signature techniques. He developed it after training with Kakashi and Yamato. The Rasenshuriken is a devastating attack that destroys the cells of an individual, rendering them incapable of molding chakra.

According to Tsunade, if a person suffers too much damage, they will never be able to use any jutsu again. The Rasenshuriken also affects the arm of the user, and continued usage could invariably lead to their death.


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