Scarlett Johansson: Facts About the Star Many Don’t Know


Scarlett Johansson is a worldwide phenomenon. There wouldn’t be a single soul who watches movies but doesn’t know her.

But the star actually enjoys her privacy and shies away from sharing her personal life with her fans. The 35-year-old actress is celebrating her 36th birthday today, and we bring to you some unknown facts about Scarlett that will make you love her more.


Her fans and the media call Scarlett by the name ScarJo. But the actress hates the name. Johansson finds the nickname lazy, flippant, and insulting. But the fans haven’t stopped calling her that yet.

Music Career

Johansson loves to sing, and she has released covers, singles and has also sung for famous movies like the Jungle Book. In 2015 she formed a band called Singles but then was sent a cease and desist order from an LA-based band who had the same name. Scarlett is a big fan of Tom Waits and had sung ten cover versions of his songs in her debut album.



Maybe ardent fans of the actress knew this, but many others didn’t know that she has a twin brother called Hunter, who was born three minutes after her. Johansson brought him as her date for Golden Globes back in 2005.

Scarlett and Hunter Johansson

Woody Allen

Woody Allen may or may not be a pedophile, but he is still an asshole. Scarlett Johansson, who had worked with him for three films and the first one being when she was 19yrs old, still thinks he is innocent. Woody Allen has allegations placed on him by his adopted daughter that he sexually abused her. Even though the evidence of sexual abuse wasn’t there, the way he behaved was considered wildly inappropriate.

In 2019, after the #MeToo movement, many denounced Woody Allen, but Scarlett defended him and said that she directly asked him, and he assured that there was nothing and that she ultimately believes him.

Sexually Radioactive

Woody Allen, let’s just say it is an ungrateful guy. When Scarlett met Woody, she was 19 years old. She was cast in his movie Match Point. In his new book ‘Apropos of Nothing,’ which was released this year in March after a whole lot of drama, Woody had called Scarlet as ‘sexually radioactive to eyes’ when he first met her.


There have been more inappropriate and tone-deaf comments made on Scarlett, Naomi Watts, Emma Stone, and Christina Ricci. Don’t know what Scarlett thinks of him now.

Vanity Fair and NSFW Leak

In 2006, Scarlett posed nude alongside Kiera Knightley, with a fully dressed Tom Ford for the cover of Vanity Fair, and received some harsh criticism. The controversy was that some saw a statement being made there that women must flaunt their sexuality more often than men.

In 2011, Scarlett’s phone was hacked, and her nude pictures which were captured to be sent to her ex-husband Ryan Reynolds three years before that incident was released. The hacker was caught and was sent to prison for ten years.

Colin Jost

Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost
Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost

Johansson started dating Colin Jost, the Saturday Night Live co-head writer and Weekend Update co-host, in May 2017. In 2019 they were engaged. In 2020 they were supposed to tie the knot, but COVID-19 destroyed their plans.


Scarlett instead decided to have a lowkey wedding. They tied the knot in a lowkey wedding ceremony and gave all the wedding proceedings to a charity. All of this was done in secret until the charity gave a shout out to the married couple and thanked them for their generosity. Johansson planned the wedding in two weeks.


Scarlett shies away from social media but never in maintaining her right to vote and endorse a candidate. Scarlett has been a long-standing democrat. Even though she didn’t make any appearance in Zoom or anything during the pandemic, she came out to endorse Bidden and Harris in a Zoom call that was attended by the fellow Avengers. It is good to see she cares.

Birthday Twin

Scarlett may already have a twin brother, but she also shares her birthday with fellow Avenger and on-screen love interest Bruce Banner. Kidding, Mark Ruffalo and her shares the birthday, not Bruce Banner.

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