New Addition to Falcon and The Winter Soldier Cast


Marvel leaves no stone unturned in the area of promotion. With phase 4 about to commence in one and a half week, fans are doing their duty as speculation and theory weavers, here’s the latest news on Falcon and The Winter Soldier.

Full Capacity

With lots of information flowing in ever since the Disney Investment day, we have started to get into the hype now about Falcon and the Winter Soldier, too, now that WandaVision has reached full capacity in the rumor department.

While we have the news directly from the Horse’s mouth, there will be many characters from MCU past and present to appear in the series, recent news points towards bringing in the Young Avengers into play.

Younger Version of the Avengers


According to some trusted insiders who have given their full word on it, it is said that Elijah Richardson will be playing the role of Patriot, who was introduced in the Young Avenger comics.

To the unknown, Patriot, otherwise known as Eli Bradley, is Isaiah Bradley’s grandson, one of the other versions of Captain America to exist. Eli Bradley in the comics is known to have been the leader of the younger version of Earth’s mightiest heroes.

Eli was known to be the leader of Cassie Lang and Kate Bishop. Now that those two characters are being introduced as well, there are chances that these rumors are true.

First Black Captain America

Isaiah Bradley was another unwilling test subject of the Super Soldier Serum, according to the comics. Not only that, Isaiah Bradley was the first Black Captain America.

Isaiah and his group of Black soldiers were taken to a camp in the middle of the night and were subjected to experiments without their consent.

Isaiah was the sole survivor of the experiment, and he stole Captain America’s suit to go on a mission that went sideways, which later resulted in him being imprisoned. There are rumors that Carl Lumbly will play Isaiah in the MCU show, which starts streaming on March 19, 2021.

For the Fallen Soldiers

Patriot rumored to join Falcon and Winter Soldier Adventure

Suppose all these rumors and speculations are correct, then we might get to see the reason why Sam Wilson completely took on the mantle of Captain America, as there are rumors that it is Isaiah that convinces Wilson to take on the mantle for the sake of so many black soldiers that lost their lives as a result of being subjected to experiments without their consent.

Eli, who is the grandson of Isaiah, will first explain his powers as a result of a blood transfusion with his grandfather. But later on, it is shown in the comics that he takes artificial drugs because, in his mind, to be a superhero means to possess supernatural powers.

But don’t worry, his teammates convince him otherwise, and he becomes something he was always destined to be.

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