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One Piece Techniques With The Worst Drawbacks


Here is everything you need to know about the One Piece techniques with the worst drawbacks.

The Venom-Venom FruitThe Venom-Venom Fruit

Impel Down holds the most heinous criminals in One Piece history, so the prison needs a warden capable of wrangling its murderous inhabitants. Magellan fills this role pre-time skip and uses the powers of the Venom-Venom Fruit to keep Impel Down in check.

The Venom-Venom Fruit is easily one of the strongest Paramecia Devil Fruit in One Piece, minus one major flaw. If its user ingests any poison, their body will be unable to process it, leaving them attached to a toilet or garbage can like Magellan is for much of his time on-screen.

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The Berry-Berry FruitThe Berry-Berry Fruit

Like Buggy, the Clown’s Chop-Chop Fruit, the Berry-Berry Fruit allows its user, Very Good, to split his body into pieces to maneuver the battlefield. These pieces cannot be damaged by blunt attacks, which makes them a solid option against opponents who rely on brute strength.

Berry-Berry Fruit’s defensive capabilities are very useful in the right circumstances. They leave their user completely vulnerable to any attacks from sharp objects. The Grand Line is brimming with dangerous swordsmen, so this Devil Fruit’s abilities could easily prove to be a hindrance against certain opponents.

Tooth Attack
Tooth Attack

For the most part, Monkey D. Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates breeze through the East Blue without much serious opposition. However, when they meet Arlong and his crew of fish men on the Conomi Islands, this finally changes. Arlong uses his shark-like abilities to great effect, eventually damaging the Straw Hat captain.

Unfortunately for Arlong, in order to use his patented “Tooth Attack,” he must first do something that would halt most creatures in their tracks. Arlong doesn’t seem to mind this task, but it can’t be good for his body’s resources.


conqueror’s haki

One Piece: Is Advanced Conqueror's Haki the strongest power in the series?

Of the three forms of Haki, Conqueror’s Haki is easily the rarest. This ability is only usable by those with extreme ambition and domineering spirit; While it’s a fantastic tool for taking out hordes of opponents, it also poses a significant threat to one’s weaker allies.

On multiple occasions, Monkey D. Luffy and his opponents unleash bursts of Conqueror’s Haki that knock out their own subordinates. As strong as this form of Haki is, it can prove to be a bit risky when used in the wrong situation.

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Monster Point
4 One Piece characters that Chopper can beat (and 4 he cannot)

As an incredibly talented medical doctor, Tony Tony Chopper is able to develop multiple forms of a drug. It manipulates the transformation he undergoes when using his Devil Fruit. There are several kinds of these Rumble Balls, including some that allow Chopper to enter Monster Point.


The Monster Point transformation proves to be helpful to the Straw Hat Pirates’ efforts on several occasions. When Chopper first assumes the form, he is unable to control his actions and enters a berserker state. Even after Chopper overcomes this issue during the time skip, assuming Monster Point still leaves him completely useless.

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