One Piece’s Best Standalone Arcs

Here is everything you need to know about One Piece’s best standalone Arcs.

Drum Island ArcDrum Island Arc

The Drum Island arc is a canon arc, but it’s also an arc that can stand on its own for anyone. In fact, this arc introduces One Piece’s reindeer doctor, Chopper, one of the series’ most iconic characters. It explains more about the different devil fruits and their effects.

This arc also features an adversary with one of the most unique abilities in the series. It was made for an incredible fight full of twists and turns that make the crew think on their feet. This arc balances emotion with adventure and shows the dynamic within the crew.

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Ocean’s Dream ArcOcean's Dream Arc

The Ocean’s Dream arc has the crew lose all of their memories of each other. Because this arc doesn’t have many tie-ins to the previous arcs. There isn’t a need to know more than a basic amount about One Piece.

This, combined with the fact that the arc has the viewer tag along with the characters as they remember their family bond in One Piece and why they joined the crew, makes the arc stand just as strong on its own as it does between canon arcs.

Orange Town ArcOrange Town Arc

Orange Town Arc does a good job at summarizing the story so far without getting too dragged down for a long. This arc expands on Luffy and Zorro’s powers while introducing Nami. She is the most important character when it comes to the crew’s dynamic and navigation skills.

Orange Town has a heartwarming story while expanding on the world with other pirates and even another fruit user. The story wraps up nicely as the new crew sails away. It provides a satisfying note to end on without any cliffhangers that make the viewer need to keep watching.


This filler arc takes place directly after the Arabasta arc and isn’t very long. This arc isn’t heavy on action like some of the others. But it does a good job summarizing the previous arcs as well.

This arc focuses mainly on the backstories of One Piece’s Straw Hat Pirates. There aren’t any high-stakes fights or plot points in the arc, making it easy to pick up for an afternoon.

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Whiskey PeakWhiskey Peak

The Whiskey Peak arc is another early arc, taking place in the second saga of the series. This arc features a fast-paced adventure that never stops, laced with the comedy that the three main characters are known for. While the fights can sometimes be wacky and strange.

The three members of the crew get to show off their new bond and their strength. One Piece’s Zoro especially shows how strong he is in this arc, taking out a hundred enemies and even fighting with Luffy. While short, this arc is a fun, action-packed watch with a solid, satisfying ending.

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