One Punch Man Chapter 160 Release Date, Spoilers, and Other Details

One Punch Man Chapter 167

Did Sweet Mask survive Fuhrer Ugly’s Attack? He did but in the previous chapter, we saw how some characters met their ends. To find out more about One Punch Man Chapter 160, keep reading further.

About One Punch Man

It depicts the struggles that Saitama, a superhero who can destroy any opponent with a single punch, undergoes. He, who is utterly tired since no one is strong enough to challenge him due to his enormous power, tries to find a suitable opponent.

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One Punch Man Chapter 159 Recap

Sweet Mask is discovered to have escaped Fuhrer Ugly’s attack. He approaches Pig God, who has slimmed down and is unable to recognise him due to the loss of his fat body. Sweet Mask mistook Pig God’s jacket for a tent and used it to cover his lower half, completely oblivious to the S-Class hero.

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Sweet Mask asks that Pig God be taken to safety, but he says he can’t move right now and has to eat something. Pig God then begins to consume Gums’ corpse, which amazes Sweet Mask.

Sage Centipede is attempting to reclaim its regeneration core, which Garou has hurled out of the planet. With its antennas, the monster grasps and grabs the core. Garou leaps up at the regeneration core and utterly destroys it.

Garou recalls how he first entered Bang’s dojo and failed to break 50 tiles in a single chop, leaving only one left, as he approaches Sage Centipede with a karate chop. The huge centipede is finally cut in two vertically all the way down to the surface by the Hero Hunter, who declares that “his fist” has now been perfected.

One Punch Man, Chapter 160

One Punch Man Chapter 160 Spoilers

We still haven’t received the raw scans for the upcoming chapter since they release a few days before the upcoming chapter gets released officially.

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One Punch Man Chapter 160 Release Date

One Punch Man Chapter 160 is scheduled to get released on either March 10, 2022 or any other day after that. The manga is released sporadically without following any fixed schedule because the mangaka takes his own time in releasing new chapters.

Where To Read

You can read all the chapters of the One Punch Man manga on either Viz Media or MangaPlus with a subscription that is billed monthly. However, the latest three chapters are available for free.

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