Oscar Maximilian Jackman’s New Celebrity Girlfriend


Gone are the days Hugh Jackman could keep his both children under his wings, and they won’t try to get out. Oscar Maximilian is actually in love, and we are in love with the couple.

The Jackmans

Hugh Jackman and his wife Deborra-Lee have two adopted mixed-race kids Oscar Maximilian and Ava Elliot. Oscar was adopted in the year 2000, while Ava was adopted in the year 2005.

Hugh and Deborra are both from Australia, while both the kids are from different races but were born in the US. Ava’s biological parents are unknown, but Oscar has met with his Aunt and his sisters, which actually caused quite the uproar.

Oscar, who is 20 now and studying in New York, has fallen in love with a celebrity couple’s daughter, and they both have a lot in common than being the kids of celebrities.



Hugh Jackman is a worldwide known actor, and his wife is nothing short of that. So, it’s natural that both the kids had to go through some trouble having famous parents. Now, who better to know that than another celebrity’s daughter.

New Girlfriend


Well, we don’t know how long it has been going on, but reports suggest that Oscar and Grace Hingston-Hurtado have been dating for a while and that Oscar called her ‘Love of my life’ on her Instagram post for her birthday.

Wondering who Grace Hingston-Hurtado is?


Well, worry not. Grace is the daughter of Aussie actor Sean Hingston and his American husband, Brad Hurtado. The couple is known for their famous role in the superhit series, Sex and The City.

A Gay couple of real-life played the gay couple, David and David, in Sex and The City. They appear in an episode titled, ‘Was It Good For You?’ and attempt to sleep with Samantha Jones.

Similar Upbringings


Grace has a lot in common with Oscar, and maybe that’s what made them fall in love this deep this soon. Oscar and Grace are both adopted and also in the same year, 2000.


Oscar’s parents are from Australia, while Grace’s father, Sean, is from the same place, which has given them plans to travel to Australia when things have settled down.

How did they meet?

Oscar and Grace met through mutual friends. They both are pursuing their higher studies in New York and, as of now, wish to travel to Australia when the pandemic is over.

Reports suggest that both their parents are happy about this relationship.

Oscar also loves that she’s an Australia-American and adopted, just like he is. It’s wonderful seeing them enjoying young love, and Hugh and Deb are so pleased that he’s happy.”


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