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Spider-man 3: Flash Thompson’s Instagram Story Leaks Major Plot

Squirrel Girl Could Swing Into The MCU By A W.E.B.

One of the most awaited movies of phase 4 is, without a doubt, Spider-Man 3. The beloved neighborhood superhero is admired by so many worldwide.

By leaving one of the biggest cliff-hangers in MCU history, Far From Home has people talking about it even now. With the revelation of Spider-Man’s identity, which has never happened before, we know that Marvel and Sony are thinking outside the box now.

Revealing his identity also means a lot of chaos. See, this is why everyone should be like Tony Stark or Jessica Jones. Now with Spider-Man’s identity out, we definitely know that there will be positive and negative reactions.

We know which stance Daily Bugle will take already, so curse you, Jonah Jameson! But that’s not all. With this new Instagram post from Flash Thompson, which appears to be a screenshot of Daily Bugles e-newsletter, we could get a lot of answers.

There are many things we got from this story, and let us break it down for you.


Missing Spider-Man

According to the story, Peter Parker has gone missing ever since the news came. It is revealed there that he was last seen with a mystery woman. Which most probably is MJ.

Understandably, Peter went into hiding after such a big reveal. Or it was merely Fury who came and pulled him away.

We know he is going to be safe; he has the Avengers by his side, after all.

Growing Fan Base

Spider-Man’s supporters have apparently been on the rise ever since the reveal. While Daily Bugle and their likes support Mysterio, others have raised their voice for Spider-Man.

Now this means a lot of posters and articles and a lot of pictures of Spidey everywhere, right? Well, guess who hates that, the school bully Flash Thompson himself.

Post Blip

While they still have no idea what happened to them and how they are back or whatever took place with the blip, many are trying to pick up pieces from what happened before the blip.

Spider-man 3 title is expected to be out soon

Many have lost their family, house, and so many things. Some have been dead in those five years, and returning home without them has been challenging, and so much such news is going around.

So, it looks like Daily Bugle is giving an announcement to find out how everyone is holding up and asking them to tell their part of the story.

Area 52

Now the rumors in the blog are interesting. One reads that someone spotted Tony Stark in Costa Rico. But the second could make sense.

West View is from New Jersey, and by the time Spider-Man 3 happens, many are probably aware of at least a little of what happened there.

But they don’t know what it is, as the blog suggests, an Area 52 in New Jersey.

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