Rebel Moon Part Two : The Scargiver Worse than Part One

Zack Snyder’s Rebel Moon Part Two is now streaming on Netflix. While the initial movie received harsh criticism from reviewers, Snyder has a dedicated fan base who watched it more than Barbie according to the director’s questionable statements. Though this claim may be exaggerated, a group of viewers were eagerly awaiting the new film.

The second film’s official synopsis goes like this: “Rebel Moon — Part Two: The Scargiver picks up the grand story of Kora and the remaining warriors. They’re getting ready to risk it all, fighting alongside the courageous folks of Veldt. Their goal? Protecting a village that used to be peaceful, is now a new home for those who’ve lost theirs battling against the Motherworld.


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For those who need a refresher on what happened in the last movie, Rebel Moon – Part Two starts with a recap narrated by Anthony Hopkins’ character, Jimmy, the robot with antlers on a quest for purpose. Kora (played by Sofia Boutella) has returned to Veldt after gathering a team of heroes to defend her village. Little does she know, her main adversary, Atticus Noble (played by Ed Skrein), survived their intense battle and is now seeking revenge on her, the “scargiver” mentioned in the movie’s title.

As stated by multiple critics, part two of the movie fails to deliver any character development just like its first part. The fight scenes, however, are what everyone found to be somewhat bearable yet too long for a fight scene. The characters, if allowed to grow, could’ve shown vibrant personalities complementing them but, the writers of Rebel Moon didn’t allow their bond to grow out of one singular scene in the movie.

The scene where the main team bonds feels awkward and keeps the characters distant. Right before the big battle, Titus urges everyone to share their tragic pasts to clear the air. Each character then talks about their past while flashbacks show what happened, usually highlighting how bad the Imperium is. It gets repetitive quickly and doesn’t show what makes each character unique.


While many believe that part two of the movie shouldn’t have been a thing, Zack Snyder is thinking the complete opposite. The director dreams about Red Moon having four more sequels and wants an even bigger fight scene, which is teased at the ending of Rebel Moon- Part Two: The Scargiver.

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