Record of Ragnarok Chapter 57 (Hades VS Huang) Release Date and Recap

Hades VS Qin Shi Huang in Record of Ragnarok Chapter 57

The intense battle between Hades. King of the Netherworld and Qin Shi Huang, the King Where It All Began, begins. Both of them are Kings, one fighting to be the only King in this world and another to get revenge. Who will emerge victorious? To find out all about this, we’ll need to know more about Record of Ragnarok Chapter 57.

Record of Ragnarok Chapter 57 Release Date

Record of Ragnarok Chapter 57 will be getting released on December 29, 2021. There will be no delays hopefully and this upcoming chapter will be a good gift for Christmas and New Year.

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Record of Ragnarok Chapter 56 Recap

Ares VS Mysterious Man 

In the previous chapter, we see Ares, the God of War getting infuriated with a mysteriously strong man with a band that covers his eyes. The man has taken over the throne after Ares expressed his hospitality towards him. Though the God of War tries his best to remove the mysterious man from the place by attacking him, he gets easily defeated with very minimum effort by the man, who keeps his calm at all times. 

Record of Ragnarok Chapter 57
Defeated Ares in humiliation

When Ares lies flat on his back, reeling from the pain and humiliation of such a defeat, the man simply exclaims, “How lively you are, big guy”. The God is simply dumbfounded at how a mere mortal could carry out such a feat of defeating him, a God. 

Meanwhile, Hermes, one of the 12 Gods of Olympus, is watching in amusement at this sight and offers honey mead to the powerful man. 

Round 7 Prep: He’s Fighting Hades (!)

Amidst this commotion and the bewildering spectacle of a mortal forcing a God (!) on his knees, one of the Valkyrie sisters arrives and scolds the man for leaving his room without prior permission and leaving all the corridors full of holes.

Later, she hurriedly instructs him to get ready for Round 7 even after the man tells her he refuses to leave as he’s taken a liking to this place. At this announcement, every one looks up in shock as all the pieces start fallin in place. 


Ares expresses his utter fear when he finds out that this man is fighting Hades, the Master of Hell. The man leaves proclaiming that he walks an Emperor’s Path and the road is where he leads.

Chinese Emperor’s Entrance and the Gods’ Fury

At the stadium, the audience waits for Hades’ opponent to show up while there’s an announcement that out of six battles between Gods and Humans, both sides have won three battles each, bringing them to a tie.

Record of Ragnarok Chapter 57: Qin Shi Huang's Entrance
Qin Shi Huang’s Entrance

When people start thinking Hades’ opponent might be a no-show, they are surprised to see a large gathering of people between the VIP section and the gate. These people are leading a grand procession led by the Emperors of China.

As the onlookers watch in utter amusement and wonder, it’s revealed that Qin Shi Huang, the Grand Emperor of China, is making his grand entrance on top of a beautiful and strong wooden block carried by his subjects. 


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Qin Shi Huang turns out to be the mysterious man with covered eyes and he’s revealed to be the very man who unified all the six warring kingdoms. After this annexation, he brought a 550-year long period of destruction and turmoil to an end and brought development where there was none before.

Qin Shi Huang Record of Ragnarok Chapter 57

He is the first human ever to have reached the Supreme Palace of Huangtian Shangdi, because of which he earned the title, “The King Where It All Began”. Because of this announcement, he earns the scorn of Gods, who berate him for doing this at the Abode of the Gods. 


Alvitr gets mad at him and scolds him for being late, to which he lifts her up in his hands. Alvitr is seen blushing as Huang utters, “Hao”. Towards the end of Chapter 56, he uses his technique called “Volund” turning his hands into claws. Additionally, he gets two spiked armors covering his shoulders as he gets ready for attack.

Qin Shi Huang

Hades Gets Poseidon’s Trident

On the other side, Hades is proceeding towards the battlefield as he gets some best wishes from Proteus, Poseidon’s faithful servant. He’s also offered Poseidon’s trident.

Proteus then asks him to avenge Poseidon’s death at which Hades calmly explains it wasn’t like his brother to seek revenge. But he takes the trident and decides to take revenge for his brother.


As Hades makes his entrance, all the Gods stand up in respect and awe as his achievements and the fear he evokes are announced with pomp. Hs title as the king of the Netherworld is revealed.

King VS King Begins

The title of Chapter 56 is titled, “King VS King” and Hades makes his first move after announcing his hatred towards the race (presumably Chinese) that killed his brother. He thrusts his trident towards Huang with all his strength.

Hades: Record of Ragnarok Chapter 57
Hades’ entrance

Huang dodges all the attacks easily, at least for the moment. After this phase of the battle, Hades uses the attack, “Persephone Kallichoron: Hammer of the Netherworld” against Huang. Huang receives massive damage as Hades goes for the last attack, “Persephone Roa: Breaker of Stones” to kill him.

Hades VS Qin Shi Huang


However, Huang uses his skill, “Chi-You Armor Form: Heavenly Hand of Defense” to dodge and get Hades pushed violently against a wall. Towards the end, Huang taunts the King of the Netherworld by telling him there can only be one King in the world, which will be him and only him.

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Record of Ragnarok Chapter 57 Spoilers and Expectations

Some people have speculated that the outcome of this battle will lean in favour of the Gods since a Human won the last round. However, the battle between “King VS King” in Record of Ragnarok Chapter 57 might get prolonged and extended. 

The backstories of Hades and Huang might be explored in greater depth to lend greater emotional depth to this battle


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