Record of Ragnarok Chapter 57 (Hades VS Huang) Recap

Record of Ragnarok Chapter 66

In the previous chapter, we saw Qin Shi Huang, “The King Where It All Began” easily defeating Ares, the God of War. Later, he fights Hades on a one-on-one battle to become the one and only King in the world.

This cockiness earns the scorn of all the Gods including Hades who goes by the name, “King of the Netherworld”.  While the battle initially seems to be in the favour of Hades who goes in for the kill, Huang demonstrates his strength towards the end.

We will see a continuation of the conflict between King against King (Hades vs. Huang) in Record of Ragnarok Chapter 57. This chapter will explore the history and story of Chiyou, an important figure in the mind-boggling world of Chinese mythology.

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Record of Ragnarok Chapter 57 Spoilers

As per the raw scans, chapter 57 begins with the Chinese mythological character of Chiyou. Chiyou was a four-eyed, six-armed person with a cow head that gained power by eating iron and stones.

Having designed five weapons: Armor, Ji (similar to a dagger), Sword, Halberd (a mix of Spear and Axe), and one unknown weapon, he’s christened as the War Diety. Chiyou was vanquished by the Yellow Emperor, for reasons unexplored.

During his time, Huang travelled to Mt. Tai and discovered several human bones as well as Genie Chiyou. This resulted in violent combat between Chiyou and Huang, with Chiyou complimenting Huang for not being afraid of the mysterious guy.

Chiyou requests 10,000 lives, but Huang flatly refuses by handing him a single clay doll.
Huang stated that if he he would prefer death to bow before him in order to become Chinese emperor.

Chiyou becomes upset and attacks Huang. Huang, however, won the fight after a fierce battle. After the duel, he was given the moniker ‘Huang,’ which translates to ‘The Yellow Emperor.’

Huang learned the five Chiyou methods from this battle and effectively employs one of them in his bout with Hades. Hades is terribly wounded and may be seen in a deplorable state.

Then Hades gets forward and asks Huang, “What is a “King” for you?” ‘Someone who isn’t confused, who won’t bend, who doesn’t rely on someone,’ Huang responds.

Hades is amused since his late brother Poseidon shared the same opinion of the monarch. Hades recalls his intention to avenge his brother and strikes Huang.

Huang tries to avoid the assault with his Chiyou-Armor, but it doesn’t work this time. Huang was injured and is bleeding from the back of his skull.

Finally, Huang takes off the handkerchief from his face, and it is most likely related to his eyes.


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