My Hero Academia Chapter 329 Release Date and Spoilers

My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia Chapter 329 will pick up the pace of what the previous chapter managed to cover. It will be released soon and the fans are getting pretty impatient waiting for the new chapter. 

Many unexpected and scary developments have taken place in the plot of the manga. If you’re interested to learn more about the next chapter i.e. My Hero Academia Chapter 329, you can read further. 

My Hero Academia Chapter 329 Release Date

The next chapter will be getting released on the 10th of October 2021 without any annoying delays or breaks. However, the release timings can differ widely based on where you’re staying currently. 

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My Hero Academia Chapter 328 Recap

Stain: My Hero Academia

Here’s a brief recap of what transpired previously:

When an Assault on Tartarus is taking place, Stain makes his escape while murdering an inmate. He figures that something had happened outside the prison and tries to get info from the control room. There, he finds only one guard alive guarding a box which he snatches away despite the guard’s protests and discovers stored data. 

Meanwhile, All For One and Shigaraki are rummaging through the rubble and observing the destruction. Stain successfully escapes and learns about the situation of the world since he was imprisoned. He staunchly resolves to carry on the legacy of the guard’s conviction and give the box only to the person who is worthy of trust. 

All Might learns about the assault on Tartarus and finds out that Shigaraki and All For One are behind the attack. He later meets with Naomasa Tsukauchi, a detective. Meanwhile, we learn that the heads of state are deliberating on whether to supply assistance as requested by All Might. 

All Might
All Might aka Toshimori Yagi is the symbol of peace.

However, many of them express their reluctance to take up the cause as they’re worried about their safety or think that it’s too rash. Fortunately, many heroes from foreign countries like Big Red Dot, Salaam, and Star and Stripe express their desire to help Japan. 

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My Hero Academia Chapter 329 Spoilers

The next chapter might focus on how the new heroes from abroad will group with our heroes. However, the alliance might be far from being ideal. However, these are mere speculations and therefore, we have to wait for the raw scans to release two-three days before its official release. 

Where To Read My Hero Academia

You can catch its latest chapters from Viz Media and MangaPlus



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