Scarlett Johansson Gets Slimed By Husband While Delivering Her MTV Speech

Scarlett Johansson Slime

Agree it or not, we think Scarlett Johansson getting slimed on Live TV was not that terrifying. She probably got used to this stuff now with Colin Jost.

What happened at the MTV Awards?

Well, if you haven’t seen the video already, we have attached it here for your viewing pleasure. If you think Colin Jost is in trouble, yeah, he probably is.

Nothing serious, he probably will get an earful from Scarlett Johansson on why he shouldn’t pour Slime on her when she is giving her victory speech.

But it’s cool guys, it’s probably something Scarlet Johansson already has gone through with Colin Jost since he is a professional comedian. Well, what do you call the SNL guys? They have a way of making everything funny.


Is Scarlett Johansson pissed at Colin Jost?

Yep, she is probably. He probably got to sleep on the couch yesterday and to be frank, it was hilarious.


Never before have we seen Scarlett Johansson in such a goofy state. She fell in love with this guy, and maybe this goofiness is what was lacking for her in her previous relationships.

She might probably want to chase him out to the driveway now, but fans just got a sneak peek of how life with Colin Jost is, and even though she was angry, it looked like she was wondering where on Earth he got it.

Did Scarlett Johansson know that Colin Jost was about to pour Slime on her?

It’s actually hard to tell, but some clues in there pointed out the fact that she might have known it.

For one, she actually saw him come near her with a bowl, and she should’ve had a pretty good idea when she saw him on screen either in her cam or on reflection.


But there are many chances that she didn’t see it because she was focused on delivering the speech for her award.

Anyhoo, we are eager to see an update on Colin Jost’s Amazon account being closed indefinitely and would love to know how much it cost because, well, Slime is fun.

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