Scarlett Johansson’s Husband Reveals He Was So Madly In Love That He Forgot Something Big

Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost

Scarlett Johansson and Saturday Night Live writer Colin Jost got married in a small intimate ceremony last October.

The news broke out through a charity company, and fans started to pour their love for the couple. This is Johansson‘s third marriage and Colin Jost‘s first.

Pandemic Couple

While having a wedding during the pandemic where you could only invite the people you love is something every human wants, actors are nothing less.

Maybe this is the best way because they could keep their wedding away from the press and announce their marriage only when they wanted to because many don’t have a good report with the press.


This sure does look like something every celebrity dreams of. Even though rumors were going around about Johansson getting married soon, nobody knew when it was.

Madly in Love


Colin Jost was seen gushing over his new bride in an interview. He thinks that if anyone could survive a pandemic together, then others should be easy.

It seems like a good one….If you can make it through this situation (pandemic), it seems like a perfect sign.”


Let’s just hope that Scarlett Johansson finds everything she was looking for in life through Colin Jost.

Johansson has it all, a fantastic career, a barrel of awards, a beautiful daughter who she has custody over now after some problems, and one thing she was missing is someone to share this with.

Now, she has that someone, and we hope our starlet is as happy as she could be.

Wedding Planning



Colin Jost was pretty frank about his role in the wedding. Other than showing up dressed in the tux that was picked for him, it looks like Colin Jost didn’t need to do much.

I imagined my dream partner rather than my’ dream wedding’. There are a lot of details to it that I just didn’t even consider.”

Jost thinks there is no need to act like you know stuff and interfere in the wedding prep and says it’s better to let it to the professionals and the ones that do know about it well, women.

I was much happier about getting (dream partner) right than any of the other (details)


He also said that he hates pretending to know stuff,  “I don’t pretend to know much about things or have taste in things.

So, basically, our comedy writer was so madly in love with Scarlett Johansson that he forgot or wait, he chose to stay off the wedding planning.

Oh, the man knows when to bow out; give him a medal already!

We, at The News Fetcher, Wish this beautiful couple a long and successful marriage!


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