Setting Up Kingpin for Phase 5 and Beyond


For those keeping up with news about Daredevil: Born Again, the revelation that Kingpin is likely running for Mayor of New York City probably will not be all too surprising.

Previous on-set images show Vincent D’Onofrio’s villain wearing a flag pin on his suit, something sported by those running for office. Other images show NYC citizens wearing Fisk-branded foam hands, all but confirming his run for office long before his intentions were revealed in Echo.

Kingpin, Echo post-credits scene

This is a massive status quo shift for the villain. It is basically the same circumstances as the recent Devil’s Reign comic event which saw Wilson Fisk take over as mayor of New York City and outlaw masked vigilantism.


That is not a stance Charlie Cox’s Daredevil is going to be very fond of. Kingpin’s new role also puts him in a unique position that’ll differentiate his role from the previous Netflix show.

It could also set up Kingpin to be a focal point in not only Phase 5 and beyond, but also the upcoming Spider-Man 4, which is something fans have wanted for a long time.

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