Seven Deadly Sins Anime to Premiere on January 2021


The new scheduled date for the 4th season of the anime adaption of Seven Deadly Sins: Dragon judgment will be available on Tokyo TV from January 6, 2021.

Pandemic Halt

The new season was supposed to stream in August initially but later went on to be scheduled in October, now finally set to release on January 2021. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the dates have been postponed, making millions of fans patiently wait a little longer.

Official Announcement 

Netflix and the anime‘s official page gave out the announcement and included a new trailer for the season. Even though the official release date for the Tv audience in Japan has been announced, Netflix is yet to announce its release date.


The video not only gives us a glimpse of the season, but it also gives us so many other major news. After watching the video, we gathered a few intel for our fans.

Final Arc revealed

The video seemingly shared the final arc story, the characters that are returning, and so much more. The staff who voiced the characters in the previous season, Imperial Wrath of The God, have returned for the fourth season. Susumu Nishizawa returns to direct the anime at Studio DEEN, collaborating with Marvy Jack in production. Rie Nishino will be designing the anime characters, and Chikako Yokota will be directing the sound.

History of the Anime Series


The franchise released its first season on Tokyo TV in 2014, and it ran till 2015, which was later picked on by Netflix to stream to its broader audience. It was followed by a four-episode anime special, which was released in August 2016 on Tokyo TV and later streamed on Netflix in February 2017. The second season of the franchise premiered in January 2018 and was available on Netflix from October 2018.

The anime series had one film in its arsenal that was released in Japan in August 2018. The third season premiered in October 2019 and ended on March 25, 2020. Netflix began streaming the third season on its platform from August 6, 2020.

Bad News

One thing is clear with these streaming date differences, that is it will take Netflix at least until next summer to stream it, so fans who are not from Japan will have to wait longer than others.

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