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Five Meanest One Piece Characters

Here is everything you need to know about the five meanest One Piece characters.

Captain MorganCaptain Morgan

Captain “Axe-Hand” Morgan is given an introduction that shows how unlikable he is. He inflicts high taxes on residents, erects statues of himself, and injures his subordinates for daring to question his superior’s decision. His spoiled son Helmeppo is more of an immediate antagonist at first.

But Morgan eventually shows that even his son doesn’t mean anything to him and only holds back because he doesn’t see him as being worth it. After his first arrest, Morgan tries to escape. When the opportunity arises, he is not above threatening and holding his son hostage if it gives him a chance at freedom.

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Admiral AkainuAdmiral Akainu

Akainu’s first on-screen action is to order the destruction of the evacuation ship carrying Ohara’s civilians despite the fact that the civilians were not intended to be harmed since only Ohara’s archeologists were targeted by the World Government.

Akainu is also responsible for Ace’s death. When Ace is on the verge of escaping Marineford with Luffy, Akainu taunts him back into combat by insulting Whitebeard. He then aims an attack at Luffy which Ace intercepts with his body, burning him from the inside and killing him.


Arlong was subjected to Fish Man discrimination in the past, his actions are still completely unjustified. Invading Cocoyashi Village, Arlong levees an expensive tax on its citizens and kills Belle-Mere in front of her horrified daughters when she cannot afford to pay for herself and them.

Seeing Nami’s cartography skills, Arlong forces her to draw maps for his crew and strikes a deal with her that she can buy the villagers’ lives from him if she raises the money. Years later, when Nami is close to her goal, Arlong has corrupt Marines confiscate her collection to ensure she will stay in servitude to him forever.

Donquixote Doflamingo=Donquixote Doflamingo

As a former member of the Celestial Dragons, Donquixote Doflamingo considers himself superior to others. He believes strength decides a person’s worth and enjoys causing agony.

In Dressrosa, despite his prior insistence on respect among his crew, he makes it clear he would kill them and replace them if he felt the need to. While he has an eccentric demeanor, this makes his obviously bloodthirsty compulsions even more apparent since he views them as fun.

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Orochi KurozumiOrochi Kurozumi

Shogun Orochi takes great joy in making his Wano subjects suffer for the pain his family endured in the past. He relies on Kaido for protection in his own self-interest and completely ignores how Kaido’s actions harm and destroy his country.

Orochi refuses to take any blame for the problems he causes and won’t tolerate criticism from anyone. He even sentences people to death over it, regardless of age. Orochi spreads propaganda that celebrates himself as a noble leader and even laces the populace’s food with SMILE artificial Devil Fruits to force them to hide their misery under his rule.

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