Sk8 the Infinity: Skateboarding and beyond


SK8 the infinity, original anime by BONES studio and created by Hiroko Utsumi who earlier directed Banana Fish, is a sports anime that is sure to develop your love of skateboarding if you have never paid attention to the sports before!

The Sk8 the Infinity: Skateboarding and beyond story revolves around two high school boys Reki and Langa. Reki lives and loves skateboarding meanwhile Langa, who is a Canada return student in Reki’s class, watches him skateboarding and falls in love with skateboarding.

Reki gets stuck in a rift with the dangerous underground skateboarding race called ‘S’. Langa who is an amateur skater decides to skate in place of Reki against Shadow. Reki then discovers that Langa is a professional snowboarder and wins the race. Reki teaches him to skateboard. But, the leader of ‘S’ has his eyes on Langa now.

Will they be able to win against him? Will they be able to finish the ‘Youth Skateboard Race Battle’?

Not only skateboard, but it also shows various relationships that are set in the back. While keeping a serious approach, they sure balance it out with the goofiness of the characters.


Character designs and animation visuals regarding the skateboarding techniques are sure to make you fall in love with them.

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