Spider-Man 3 Spoilers: Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield Onboard?


Spider-Man 3 has taken the internet by storm, even before the movie started filming. That should be some record, don’t you think?

Marvel’s Way

In the thousands of rumours and theories and half confirmed news we are getting about Spider-Man 3, one thing was always constant. Don’t know if it’s the Studios’ way of pleasing its audience is by not confirming the theories but reigniting the flame when the fire is about to die every time.

Spider-Man 3 has so much anticipation from fans than any other phase 4 movie right now. Maybe because of its fantastic cast and also because of the theories, fans are spinning in regards to the film.

Theories After Theories

Fans have been restless since the pandemic started and have been asking the studios to make spider-man 3 a live-action spider-verse film. Even though the plot of Spider-Man 3 is unknown, fans want this live-action thing to happen. The theories have been spinning, and Reddit has been active now more than ever before because of fans who are bored and have all the time in their hands.

Movie Tease

When the fans decided to drop this theory and think Marvel won’t do anything like that maybe Sony might do, which won’t be grand at the least we will see Andrew, Tobey and Tom in one screen. Just then Marvel does something out of the blue to revive the fans and make them think it’s not entirely out of the equation yet. First by getting Jamie Foxx to play Electro (who was in Andrew Garfield’ Spider-Man) then after a while by casting Doctor Strange who is an expert in dealing with Multiverse.

Why The Sudden Comotion?

But suddenly from yesterday, the news that Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield have been signed their contract to play their role in Spider-Man 3, has been roaming on the internet. The news was first posted by Andy Signore’s verified account who is apparently the creator of Honest Trailers and Screen Junkies. And also the President at Popcorned Planet and Movie Junkies. One thing to note here is that Boss Logic retweeted the news.

Kevin Feige

He had tweeted that both Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield have signed their contract. He did not change his statement even after fans started questioning his authenticity. Now then DC Walsh from Geeks Worldwide has also confirmed the news by saying that the contract thing is not yet confirmed, but Kevin Feige is interested in getting them on board. Both are not that reliable source, but Boss Logic is, so maybe its real????

Nothing is certain yet, and no official statement has been released until now. So get excited but not too much since it all could just be a rumour or might be true and we can see a kick-ass movie in 2021.


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