Tearsmith: Was Regile Really The Tearsmith?

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Everything you want to know about Tearsmith

Tearsmith refers to the one who lets tears out of one own self and forges all the fears that dwell in the hearts of people. As we delve deeper into the movie, a different picture of the same has been shown. Regile, the male lead character portrays the reality of it and leaves us awestruck.

Regile- A mystery to be solved

From the beginning of the movie, the reality of Regile is uncovered but the ending justifies everything. He seemed a mystery to everyone and was among the ones who kept them isolated.

The Tearsmith: Trailer

Maybe, Regile was the Tearsmith but not for everyone, just for that one girl who captured his heart- Nica. Nica, the light in his life helped him to get out of his shelf and he helped Nica in the ways no one was aware of. He had a part of her in his heart and never wanted to let her know as she believed him to be the Tearsmith.

It wasn’t Regile’s fault that he was like this. If anyone could be at fault, it was Margaret. Margaret had never let to live on their dreams in the orphanage name “Grave”. She, being the real villain of the story, had caused havoc in the lives of almost every child residing there.

Margaret’s punishments

Margaret used to lock children and punish them brutally by causing harm to both physical and mental health. No one had the power to stand up against it as they were just mere children who had lost their parents.

The children were punished and tortured physically but Regile was degraded mentally by her. She made him believe that he was the wolf in every fairytale of others and that’s why, he could never love himself and consider worthy himself to be loved by Nica.

Unfortunately, he and others residing at the orphanage did get justice later but that couldn’t improve the imprint that she had left on children’s life. Regile’s perspective changed at last that he wasn’t just a wolf in the fairytales but someone’s Tearsmith who made her cry while at the same time, bringing joy and happiness.

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