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Robert Downey jr as Tony Stark

As much as we try to avoid the fact that our beloved hero is dead for good, Marvel does not leave us to live in peace.

Don’t Read If You Hate Bad News

You would think that the Endgame gave you a heart attack, but no, that was not it. When Robert Downey Jr confirmed that he is done, we still thought we had some hope left with a multiverse theory.

But all of them have been hit by a wrecking ball. Victoria Alonso, Marvel’s Executive Vice-President, said that there are no plans of resurrecting Tony Stark.

This news might hit the fans pretty hard because millions of fans have been holding on to the hope that somehow, they will see their favorite star on the screen again as the infamous playboy Philanthropist.


Superheroes don’t die

Ironman jericho

In the world of Superheroes, there is always room for anything to happen, from resurrection to bringing back an entire population with a snap. So, fans thought that Marvel is just playing with their feelings and will get the beloved Iron Man onscreen somehow as a surprise.

Marvel’s Stand

But the comment given by Victoria is something we would finally have to take seriously. Robert Downey Jr did tell that he was done with the role, but still fans were not convinced. But now, after the comment made by Marvel’s Vice president, we are pretty sure that it is done and dusted.

If you haven’t stopped reading and still holding on to the article thinking we might have some good news, then you might be wrong on that case. Here’s her statement about the resurrection while Clarin interviewed her,


Tony Stark is dead. And that’s our story. Resurrection, I do not know; I do not see how we would do it. It seems to me that we tell the story of Tony Stark. Hence, he has left his inheritance, for example, in Spiderman, because Peter Parker has been a false son, so you see a lot of what Tony Stark would have been in Peter Parker. And it seems to me that you see that constantly in how one person influences the other. But no, at the moment, we don’t have any plans.

Peter Parker a better Superhero?


Now, well, there is one thing we got with Spider-Man being in the MCU, that is we get to see him become half of Iron Man. Even though it will take some years to become as smart and as accomplished as Tony Stark, Peter Parker is already on the right route.

Peter Parker was seen as a splitting character of Tony Stark when he was working with Happy in the Jet. Happy was taken aback to see how much he behaved like Stark. But a significant advantage for Spidey is that he has a clean slate from the start and is of a clear conscience.


Tony Stark was dealing with his demons through the significant part of his life that mostly sprung from his teenage years; Parker is already evident in that area.

Brother Sister Reunioun

So, maybe we move on and see Peter Parker carry on the legacy. Also, Lexi Rabe, who played Morgan H Stark (Tony Stark’s daughter), has landed in Atlanta for filming. We are sure it has something to do with Spider-Man 3, so get ready to see a lot of brother-sister bonding in the sequel.

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