The Beginning After The End: 7 Most Powerful Characters, Ranked

The Beginning After The End Chapter 124

Here are the seven most powerful characters in The Beginning After The End.

Kezess Indrath

He is the leader of the Indrath Clan and is also known as Lord Indrath. Moreover, he has unusual mana powers as he can cloak it so impeccably that no one can detect it.

Besides that, he later manifested a telekinetic-like ability which helped him to smoothly move Sylvie towards.

Agrona Vritra

Agrona (R)

He is the main antagonist in the webcomic. While he has not made his official debut in the series yet, the strength of his true power has been hinted at multiple times.

In addition, he leads the Vritra clan and is also a Basilisk Asura race member. Besides that, he is seemingly driven by revenge and has a fascination with the aether.


He is a three-eyed member of the Pantheon Asura race and is extremely powerful. Additionally, he used his abilities to effortlessly stop the attack of the lances.

Firstly, he was able to prevent the attack on Olfred. Secondly, he seemed unaffected by the intense gravity attack of Mica Earthborn.

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He made his debut as a cat but turned into his humanoid form after encountering Arthur. Furthermore, he is also a member of the Indrath Clan.

In addition, he manipulated mana to nullify Bairon’s attack during the elimination of the Greysunders. Meanwhile, his true form is suspected to be a dragon.


He is a member of the Thysetes clan of the Pantheon Asura race. Moreover, he possesses extraordinary reflexes and physical combat abilities.

Also, he can use King’s Force ability to cripple the mental defenses of his opponents.

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Varay Aurae

She is among the six lances whose duty is to protect the continent of Dicathen. Moreover, her true powers were revealed when Bairon tried to attack Arthur.

Additionally, she can easily manipulate ice as she is an ice deviant. Meanwhile, in the webcomic, she managed to restrain Bairon and encase the dragon, Sylvie, in only a few moments.

Olfred Warend

He is another member of the six-lance group and represents the Kingdom of Dwarves, Darv. Besides that, he is a magma deviant and can manipulate Erath to become lava.

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