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The “Evil Boruto” Theory That Will Leave You Traumatized

Evil Boruto

Many fan theories are blasting on the internet about Boruto being the actual bad guy in the series. This evil Boruto theory has left the readers completely bewildered and are digging for more information on this. We have done some research for you, so head down below to quench your curiosity.

What is the “Evil Boruto” Theory?


In the manga, when Momoshiki took over Boruto’s body, it gave a big twist to the story. Momoshiki then attacked Uchiha ranger and Kawaki and stabbed Sasuke in his eye so he could complete his Otsutsuki mission. Fortunately, Kawaki defeated Momoshiki and Boruto reclaimed control of his body.

However, a new fan theory emerged that the flashback from the first chapter conveys Boruto is the actual villain and Kawaki is trying to save the last bit of Konoha. In that chapter, Konoha is shown in a demolished state and Kawaki threatens Boruto that he’ll meet the same fate as Naruto. 

After this, a Reddit user has commented that this is a mislead and evil Boruto is the dangerous one. So the theory suggests that Boruto made a bizarre character jump after Naruto sacrifices someone dear to him for Konoha’s welfare. And then Boruto is shown wearing a sliced headband, which is the mark of a wretch ninja and seemed to imply that he’ll avenge by destroying the village.

How far is the theory true?


Many fans agreed that Boruto would get extremely furious if anything were to happen to his close ones, but going as far as creating this disaster seems a bit far-fetched. And the only way for this to happen would be if Momoshiki took over his body. 

And as for the headband theory, it is likely to be Sasuke’s. He gave it to Boruto as a souvenir and also Boruto wears Sasuke’s cloak and sword which further suggests he’s following his mentor’s ways. So as exciting and crazy it may seem to flip the script, but until an official announcement comes from the author, this is just one of the theories. 

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