Is Sasuke Becoming The Next Jiraiya in Boruto Series?

It is safe to say now that if you have a descendant of the first or the fourth Hokage around you, then better make them Hokage too.

Generation after generation

Like Tsunade had Jiraiya, undoubtedly Naruto has many by his side. Well, with the character of Naruto and what he is capable of, it is a given.

Naruto has a way of making people come together, and thanks to that, Boruto has inherited that too. Now when you see Shippuden, we get to see what is Jiraiya’s actual work.

Well, other than the drinking, peeking inside the bathhouses, and getting beaten up, Jiraiya has a cool and important way of contributing to the Hidden Leaf.

What were Jiraiya’s missions?


Jiraiya went on dangerous spy missions and got data from all over even when it was tough to enter another nation. Now everyone has an open invitation to walk in, but it was not the case before.

Still, Jiraiya managed to collect a lot of information for Tsunade. From finding more about Akatsuki to finding the place where Pain is, Jiraiya is just exceptional.

Now, Sasuke might be different when it comes to drinks and peeking inside the bathhouses; well, he is the polar opposite in that area, the man barely looks at Sakura, but there are things that he does that would make Jiraiya proud.

From the shadows


Sasuke also stands in the shadow and does everything he could to maintain the peace Naruto and so many others fought for. He is grateful that he was pardoned and will go to any extent to show that.

Jiraiya stayed away from Hidden Leaf because of his guilt for letting Orochimaru run out, and Sasuke does it as a way to atone for his sins. Still, both have the same thinking here.

Well, Sasuke is much cooler than Jiraiya in appearance, but they both could be put in the same field when it comes to battle power.

Even with Rinnegan and his Mangekyō Sharingan, Sasuke cannot beat the legendary Sanin. So, let’s just call that a draw.

Learning the ropes of being a spy

Sasuke is a little lagging behind on the intel department. Jiraiya always had perfect answers to questions while Sasuke is still learning the ropes.

Yeah, Sasuke, too, had some right intel, which helped tackle the Ōtsutsuki, but with Kara, he had near to none, and Team 7 with Mugino were in a lot of trouble because they had no idea that the missing person mission will lead them to fight Deepa.

Sasuke has a long way to go, but next to Jiraiya, he is following the role of supporting the Hokage from the shadows.

Maybe Jiraiya’s will was passed on to Naruto, and that he was the child of prophecy. Still, without a doubt, Sasuke took over Jiraiya’s mantle and eliminated the defects from that role.

It looks like there will be a position swap in the next generation, with Boruto wanting to become Sasuke and Sarada wanting to become Hokage, so let’s wait and watch how things happen in this new generation.

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