The Fast And Furious Saga goes to Space


Fast and Furious to Space

From the time the Fast and Furious franchise premiered in 2001 till now, it has always managed to keep the viewers on edge. With every new addition, we see the franchise getting bigger and bigger. So it comes as not a big surprise that this crazy action-packed in its next installment perhaps will be traveling to space.

The Movies


The franchise is made up of a total of eight movies with one spinoff bringing the total to about nine big-screen films. Every single installment has the same theme illegal heist, spies, government bodies chasing, and heart-stopping action sequences.

Distributed by Universal Pictures, the saga has been a great box office hit with a total box office collection of around $5.8 billion. The secret of success for the saga is its ability to push the viewer to the edge of the seat through its innovative action sequences.


Gravity Defying

The first three movies were limited to cars and race tracks, but the later addition saw planes being taken down and submarines being hijacked. Sometimes it appears the film the only intention was to kick theories of gravity in its face.

Nevertheless, they have always entertained the audience, and there is no doubt that they will ever do. The franchise, which has built itself on the gravity-defying shot, has now placed its a bet on a place where gravity does not exist. Yes, you’re probably thinking it right. F9, the next installment of the franchise, is hinted to have some scenes in space.



First, the news was heard from singer and actor Ludacris, who is a part of the saga. Though he merely hinted at the possibility, now, it has been confirmed by another cast member Michelle Rodriguez, who plays another prominent role, Letty, in the saga. In interviews with Sirius XM, she established the news even when she was shocked that it has already become public knowledge.

The actress commented that it was supposed to be a big surprise for the fans though her character does not get the chance to go to space.
The movie was set to release in May 2020, but because of the pandemic, it has now been scheduled to be released on April 2, 2021.

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