Light novel ‘The Genius Prince’s Guide to Raising a Nation Out of Debt’ to get anime

As part of the GA FES 2021 livestream, it was announced today that the light novel The Genius Prince’s Guide to Raising a Nation Out of Debt (Hey, How About Treason?) (Japanese: Tensai Ouji no Akaji Kokka Saisei Jutsu: Souda, Baikoku shiyou) will be receiving an anime adaptation.

Voice actor Sōma Saitō (Yuno in “Black Clover“) who plays the titular character Prince Wein made the announcement in the livestream.

Further details of the anime have not been provided.

So far, it has only been confirmed that the anime version will be a TV series. Specific details, such as a start date or the participants in the production team, are not yet known at the moment.

The Genius Prince’s Guide to Raising a Nation Out of Debt (Hey, How About Treason?) was penned by Toru Toba and has been published by SoftBank Creative. Its first volume was released in May 2018. fal_maro, who provides the illustrations for the light novel, will be the original character designer for the anime.

A manga adaptation of the light novel has also been published. It has ten chapters so far—the latest was released on 19th January, 2021.

The light novel was licensed in the west by Yen Press. The publisher has so far published five volumes in English. The sixth volume will be published on April 20, 2021.

Synopsis of the series, as provided by Yen Press:

It ain’t easy being a genius…
Prince Wein is ready to commit treason. And who can blame him? Faced with the impossible task of ruling his pathetic little kingdom, this poor guy just can’t catch a break! But with his brilliant idea of auctioning off his country, this lazy prince should be able to retire once and for all. Or that was the plan…until his treasonous schemes lead to disastrous consequences-namely, accidental victories and the favor of his people!

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