Every Character And What They Are Up To By The End Of WandaVision Finale!


I haven’t stopped crying. Why would they keep doing this to Wanda? How much should she put up for the World to stop playing with her life?

There are many cliffhangers from today’s episode of WandaVision that make us so curious about what happens next.

With many questions in mind, join us in finding out about the most alluring cliffhangers from the finale of WandaVision.

White Vision


Now that the White Vision has gained his memory thanks to our Bubble Vision, we know that he could be the Vision Wanda needs.

I mean, seriously, did you ever think two highly powerful beings like Vision and Vision could solve something so big by just talking?

Well, they did, and now White Vision has his memory back. So, we immediately thought he would join Wanda and talk to her, but suddenly he went away, and we have no idea where he went.

So, that means Paul Bettany is not done yet, and Wanda hasn’t lost everyone yet.

Monica Rambeau


Okay, with a lot of things happening in the finale, we kinda saw Monica being sidelined. Well, it’s Wanda’s show, after all.

Anyway, by the end, we see Monica getting her grounding rules revoked because her mom’s friend, aka Nick Fury, is in search of her.

Anyway, we thought she would become the new director of SWORD but guess she will be traveling to space instead

Wanda Maximoff


Well, she made sure she is in nobody’s way and is in a faraway secluded place. The end credits scene did give us a clue that Wanda is in so much pain.

While a tired, calm Wanda is seen sitting outside, an agonized Scarlet Witch is seen going through the Darkhold.

As far as we know, by the time we see Wanda in the next project, she might be up to date on everything Witch Craft and Scarlet Witch are about.

Darcy Lewis


Well, Hayward got an end that he deserved, and he in prison now, thanks to our wonderful Darcy.

While Darcy was done with doing her important job, she was whisked away, or she went away, and we are yet to see if it is to the World of Asgard.

Jimmy Woo


Thanks to his quick update, Hayward is caught and will spend his life in prison. Now that he brought in a big fish let’s say Jimmy Woo will be getting a big ass promotion.

Doctor Strange


Well, we did seriously think that Strange will be making his entry in the finale, but he didn’t. But as we saw Agatha say, Darkhold was in her possession, and now it’s with Wanda.

So, there are chances that Doctor Strange goes in search of Wanda to retrieve it.

Agatha Harkness


No matter how she tries to act good, Agatha might not be an imminent danger, but she is no hero.

Now that Wanda has Agatha locked inside WestView, it will be fun to see how she breaks out of it.

There are many chances that she couldn’t break out of it because, as we saw, Wanda has now officially unlocked her full potential.



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