The Only Scene That Got Cut From Wonder Woman 1984


Director Patty Jenkins has already gone on the record saying there won’t be a director’s cut for Wonder Woman 1984, as she wouldn’t want to mess with the pacing of the film the way it is. Granted, that doesn’t mean there isn’t more footage out there, but it sounds as though Jenkins thinks it wouldn’t make sense to release a whole new cut of the movie to showcase it.

As it turns out, there was only one entire scene Jenkins removed from the finished product.

Patty Jenkins says she cut a scene of ‘Steve and Diana hailing a cab’


In an interview with Collider, Jenkins spoke at length about bringing the superhero sequel to life. At one point, she says that Wonder Woman 1984 easily could have been 10 or 15 minutes longer, but she wanted to make the runtime leaner.

“I didn’t cut out very many scenes in this movie,” she revealed. “I cut out only parts of the scenes.” It’s amazing to think there are potentially ten more minutes of footage out there of Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) trying on numerous ’80s outfits, but for now, all we know is the one full scene that got taken out.

“The only scene I can even think of that we cut out was Steve and Diana hailing a cab outside of the Natural History Museum to get to Black Gold,” Jenkins explained. “That’s the only actual scene I think we cut out.” Just based on that description, it makes sense why it was left on the cutting room floor.


It doesn’t sound like it necessarily added much to the plot, and was something that could easily be conveyed with Steve and Diana just showing up at Max Lord’s (Pedro Pascal) business.

With Wonder Woman 3 already greenlit by Warner Bros., there are clearly more adventures to come. For now, you can see the scenes that did make the cut by watching WW84 on HBO Max through January 24, 2021.

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