Disney Plus will Stream WandaVision on November 27th

WandaVision Trailer

Marvel Phase 4’s first entity is about to hit the streaming platform in November.

Marvel had enormous plans for phase 4, but God had different plans. The pandemic came and disrupted every human schedule and didn’t leave out Marvel in that.

New Phase 4

But Marvel bounced back and has brought everything on its circuit ready to launch on it’s now rescheduled timing. If there is no more cruel joke left by God to play then, everything in Phase 4 will start blooming from early 2021 till mid-2022

Opening Act


WandaVision will be the opening sequence now, which will show Vision and Wanda‘s life and how Wanda is adjusting to her life after Endgame. It also directly leads to the happenings of Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness.

The show was recently announced by Marvel to be released in December. But recently, the past week, fans have been speculating that it will hit the streaming platform on November 27th.

Middle Eastern Announcement

Like Disney plus brought Indian streaming app Hotstar and made a tie-up with them, it also bought a middle east company called OSN. According to fans, they saw the app poster saying that WandaVision will be out on the 27th.

Dinsey Plus Announcement


But that’s not it. Disney Plus official account shared a video this morning on its Twitter account on all the shows that are coming to the platform in November; guess what made the cut? Yes, the WandaVision show clip was also included in that promotional video by Disney.

Easter Egg?

This might be a surprise which was planned by Marvel for its fans. Marvel is notoriously known for its secrecy, so there are massive chances that they wanted to surprise the fans and taunt them without giving any clue and finally satisfying their minds by releasing it.

If this is trustworthy info, then maybe the news we received on The Falcon and the Winter Soldier releasing their trailer on Thanksgiving might also be accurate. Finger crossed, Marvel Fans!!

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