WandaVision Rescheduled to January 2021

WandaVision Trailer

Oh, my heart! Only one thing I know, that is, we marvel FANS DESERVE BETTER. But, hold on, we have both good news and bad news!

Bad News First

The bad news is, WandaVision, which was supposed to be released by November end or December start this year, is seemingly postponed to January 2021.

A screenshot shared by a fan, who had a conversation with Disney plus customer service, states that WandaVision will premiere on January 2021.


Sorry for you people

Calm down, we might still have some good news. Even though the screenshot clearly states that it will premiere in January 2021, that actually is in Disney Plus streaming service in Latin America. We have no proof that it’s the same case for other countries too.

This is the reply from the customer service:

“Yes, they are looking to promote the Disney classics, but of course there will be much more content, as previously mentioned, like The Simpsons, we’ll have the Marvel movies, and series WandaVision premieres in January. National Geographic documentaries, etc.”

Even though we feel bad for them, we, the marvel fans worldwide, can’t wait to watch the series, and if it is really postponed, it would just break our hearts.


Definite December

Elizabeth Olsen is Wanda Maximoff and Paul Bettany is Vision in Marvel Studios’ WANDAVISION, exclusively on Disney+.

But, brace your heart, folks. We bring you even more good news. If you are from any other place, you are lucky on this front, as WandaVision’s producer accidentally leaked that the production is wrapped up and that the series will premiere in December. Even though the Instagram post is now deleted, fans already got the screenshot.

Oh, thank God! Because I swear there is no way I am waiting one more extra month to see WandaVision; I mean, come on, you are Marvel, do it fast and give it to us.

Anyhoo, sorry for giving the bad news first and giving you a mild heart attack, folks!

Quicksilver to return?Quicksilver-Age-of-Ultron.jpg

Also, Evan Peter, who played Quicksilver for the X-Men franchise, was cast in WandaVision several months ago. If that’s the case and he is reprising his same role, then it might be because I have no idea. I think this is the first time I have no theories on this matter. If you have views on how Peter’s Quicksilver will fit into WandaVision, please let us know!

A source says he will play the alternate version of Wanda’s brother, Piedro. But, we have no idea what to trust now; only when the series actually premieres, we can be precisely sure. Otherwise, it’s just they said he said!



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