Boruto Episode 211 Release Date and Spoilers: Who is the Mystery Man?

There will hardly be fans in the anime community who are not aware of Boruto, the story of the next generation of ninjas in the same universe as the iconic original hit series Naruto. It follows the character, Boruto, the son of Naruto and Hinata.

The series premiered on April 5, 2017. Continue reading to find out exciting details about the upcoming episode!

Boruto Episode 211 Release Date

Boruto episode 211, titled ‘The Chase,’ is scheduled for release on August 15, 2021. Pierrot Studios produced the series. As per usual, it will air on TV Tokyo.

Where to Watch Boruto Episode 211 English Dub Online?

Boruto is available on the Hulu site both with English dubbing and original Japanese audio and English subtitles.

Other sites you can check out include Crunchyroll, AnimeLab and Anime Digital Network. Boruto can also be accessed on Netflix Japan.

Recap of What Happened in Boruto Episode 210

In episode 210, we find out that Naruto has escaped and we also learn about Boro‘s death and Delta‘s comment that whoever killed him was probably stronger than Sasuke. Jigen also warns a bored Code to be alert since the Hidden Leaf operatives have discovered the Ten-Tails.


Meanwhile, Hidden Leaf sends Sai and Konohamaru to infiltrate Boro’s cult and find out one of the teleportation devices that Kara uses. They’re allowed to stay at the cult headquarters until Boro returns and during this time, they find a file where there’s a record of the names of people on whom Kara performed experiments.

They show it to the cult members but they refuse to believe them. They’re still in denial even after learning about Boro’s death. Suddenly, Delta arrives and destroys the teleportation device along with most of the cult headquarters.


The two shinobi attempt to persuade the cult members to leave, but they choose to die with the cult. Sai and Konohamaru escape with Akari and return to Hidden Leaf to report their findings.

What Can We Expect from the Upcoming Episode 211 of Boruto? 


Episode 211 will most likely focus on Team 10. There may be mention of Koji. The news of a new mysterious man in a black hood in the village will lead to people searching for him.

The New Ino-Shika-Cho trio might take it up to themselves to find out about the mysterious man. They may get help from Kakashi Hatake, the Sixth Hokage of the Leaf Village, because he prioritizes the safety of the village.

Will they be able to locate the Mystery Man? And what would happen if they find him and he is revealed to be Kashin Koji? So many questions to address, so definitely stay tuned for Episode 211!

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