The War Hammer Titan Explained

Every online fan community is abuzz with talks of the New Titan shifter that is getting revealed in the new episode. However, the manga readers already know about the War Hammer Titan. But if you’re an anime-only fan, do give it a read.

History of the War Hammer Titan

War Hammer Titan was one of the nine titans created by the descendants of Ymir Fritz. Ymir acquired the powers of a Titan after a deal was made with The Devil of all earth. Her daughters devoured her body after her death and came to possess titan powers.

Eventually, the descendants consumed their bodies which brought about the nine Titans.

The ninth titan – War Hammer Titan was initially in the possession of the Eldians. After seventeen centuries, the 145th King Karl left the warfare of Eldia and moved to Paradis Island. And it came into the possession of the Tyburs. 

When the Great Titan war broke out, the Tybur family vowed to provide aid to the Marley empire. Despite that, the Tyburs always kept the War Hammer titan a secret, and its powers were never used in the battle. Ultimately, during that time, the younger sister of Willy Tybur gained the power and control of the War hammer titan.

Powers and Abilities of the War Hammer Titan

This titan possesses a very important ability i.e Hardening. Just like the female titan, it can create an unbreakable crystal around the human operator. This proves significantly advantageous while escaping death from the hands of the enemies.

The War Hammer Titan has a rather unique attribute compared to the other titans. Unlike the other titans, the operator need not be inside of it to control the Titan. The body of the Titan is connected to its inheritor by a long cord of flesh. Although the cord splits and becomes inoperative, a new body can grow from any location. 

Also since titans are killed by striking its neck, this titan inheritor can use her powers while she is underground by connecting to her Titan.

It also can create some insanely strong weapons and can destroy structures with its one hammer strike. The War Hammer titan also produces large spikes protruding from the body and ground.

The only flaw to this titan’s ability is that its power is immense but also quickly exhausted. 

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