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The Witcher Season 2: Triss Merigold Journeys to Kaer Morhen


After another pandemic halt, the Witcher season 2 has resumed shooting, and fans have some other good news to hear than it just continuing its shoot. The cast was seen shooting in sets of Kaer Morhen (Arborfield Studios).


Home away from Home

Kaer Morhen is home away from home for the remaining Witchers of the School of Wolf, particularly for Geralt. Kaer Morhen is rumored to be playing a much significant role in the second season. Triss Merigold was not seen on the set with her season 1 cast members until now, but some reports suggest that she will be joining them soon.

To those wondering what she is doing there, you can either find out the details of it from the Novel, or we will do the honors.


Spoiler Alert

Triss Merigold played by Anna Shaffer in The Witcher

According to the Novel, Triss visits Kaer Morhen upon the request of Geralt and Vessimir to take care of Ciri. Even though they create many fond memories in this process, what kept the readers interested was how good Triss was to Ciri and how Geralt and Vessimir got their butts often kicked in this scenario.

Fans expect Anna Shaffer’s Triss Merigold character to get more screen time in season 2 as she was seen significantly less in season 1. Triss wasn’t seen partaking in action with others in season 1 for most of the part. Some reports suggest that she was in Kaer Morhen during that time. So confused with this show’s timeline….God.


The plot of Season 2

image: Netflix

The plot of season 2 is mostly Geralt of Rivia, protecting Ciri from the dangers of the outside world and the most dangerous mysterious power that lurks inside the princess. At the same time, the others try and establish their supremacy outside the wall.

Another big news from Witcher is that Jaskier might be seen more in the second season. His mysterious lady love, Countess De Stael, who was mentioned in season 1, episode 5, will also be joining him. She is also mentioned in the novel, The Tower of the Swallow. According to Jaskier, she is the reason he started to write poetry and songs at the age of 19.

Countess De Stael to get a bigger part

Since her role in the novel is very brief, there are chances that the series writers will make her a more significant role as they are looking for casting an actor real soon.

Witcher season 1 is streaming on Netflix now. If you start watching it now, you might get in on the hype with the rest about season 2.

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