The Witcher Season 2: A flashback Scene Featuring Young Geralt And Vesemir


The Witcher season 2 shooting is about to come to an end, and we have a surprise waiting as Netflix has cast young Geralt and Vesemir for the show.

Not the First Flashback!

Well, in the first season itself, we saw a flashback of Geralt when he was a kid. We saw the cute Tristan Ruggeri play the kid Geralt, and we loved him.

We also heard the voice of young Vesemir, which was done by Theo James. Fans think that he would be returning as Young Vesemir for the second season and will also be doing the voiceover for Nightmare of The Wolf anime film.

But this still stands between the area of not confirmed and ridiculous fan theory. But the flashback scene has been confirmed.


Young Geralt and Vesemir


We know that Geralt didn’t have the perfect past. We know Vesemir and Nenneke are like the parental figure he had in his life, so we kinda figured out that we will get Geralt’s past in the second season.

The first season gave us nothing except that his mother is one heartless woman, and we might get more about Geralt now, according to Redanian Intelligence.

The Surprise Galore

There have been many reports that Netflix was searching for someone to play Geralt, and now it makes sense. Fans thought that they would get to hear about Geralt a little from the anime film, which has been in the works since 2019.



There are chances that we may get the anime film by summer. The anime film had no problems with Covid-19 and has been going on schedule. It is supposed to be the prequel to the second season, giving us a better look into Vesemir and Kaer Morhen.

Reports confirm that Bradley Jaden, singer, and actor, has auditioned for young Vesemir. We still have no idea if he was selected. And Young Geralt actor remains unknown.

Even though Theo James did that one-liner in season one for Young Vesemir’s voice, reports suggest that he is done with the franchise and Jaden will be replacing him.


But nothing has been confirmed as of writing, so let’s hope we get a clearer picture once everything is settled.

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