What Does Brenda From ‘End Of The Road’ Do With The Money?

The newly released Netflix movie ‘End of the road’ is about how Brenda a recently widowed witnesses a murder and finds a bag of cash, getting her and her family in danger. But what does she do with the bag of money?

After Jack’s death, Brenda had been going through a rough time. She can not afford to buy groceries and even loses her house due to a mortgage and debt. This situation forces her to move away from California to Texas.

On Brenda’s road trip to Texas with her family, they witness a murder. Brenda’s brother Reggie takes the bag of cash from the crime scene thinking it will end their problems. Little did they know that would only create more problems in their lives. They find out that the money Reggie had taken belongs to a dangerous drug lord, Mr. Cross. 

Mr. Cross threatens Brenda to return the money, and she agrees but tells him she won’t meet him and will keep it in a motel room and he can take it. But when the money gets stolen she has to find it and return it to him, since he kidnaps her family. When she does go to return the money Mr. Cross tries to kill her and her family. They try to run away from him, and they succeed.

Brenda refuses to take the money which now belongs to no one, but Reggie takes it anyways. Reggie, Kelly, and Cam make her realize that the money could help them and she eventually agrees to keep it.

If you’re wondering who is  Mr. Cross? Here’s an article about it.

A recently widowed mom fights to protect her family after a shocking murder and a missing bag of cash plunge them into danger during a harrowing road trip. Queen Latifah takes the wheel in this thriller. You can now watch ‘End Of The Road’ on Netflix.

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