This is how you should Avoid Endgame Spoilers, WHATEVER IT TAKES!


It was inevitable, really: Avengers Endgame spoilers have leaked onto the internet!

We’re not going to tell you what the spoilers are or give you any hints, or even tell you how they leaked.

Instead, we’re going to tell you how best to avoid them as the movie’s actual release date draws slowly closer.

As much as you might wish you could retreat into a bomb shelter or slip into a coma for the next 10 days, for most of us, that’s not realistic.


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Jobs, families, hobbies, and social lives will get in the way of your number one concern in the coming days: avoiding spoilers. That’s where these five and tricks come in.

Short of shutting down your entire life for a week–which, trust us, is tempting–these are the best ways to avoid the leaks.



  1. Tweak your settings on social media

If you simply can’t avoid going on Twitter for the next week, dive into your privacy settings and tweak things in your favor.

For example, you can disable auto-playing videos (which you probably should do anyway).

While you’re in your Twitter settings, close your DMs as well. Why would you want to allow strangers to send you private messages anyway?

  1. There are browser extensions that hide entire words and phrases automatically

While you’re at it, why not do the same browser-wide?

There are extensions, like Unspoiler for Chrome, that automatically scour every website you visit for whatever keywords you tell it to track.

Anything it deems might be sensitive gets covered automatically by a massive opaque spoiler shield, which you can click on to reveal what’s underneath–if you’re feeling reckless.

  1. Disable images in your browser

The steps we’ve outlined so far will mostly help you avoid spoilers in text form, like tweets, comments, and headlines from unscrupulous websites.


But what about memes? Luckily, many browsers, including Chrome, allow you to disable all images entirely.

Poke around in your privacy settings to figure out how!

  1. Don’t look at comment sections

This is an actually good general, everyday advice, but especially while you’re trying to avoid spoilers, just don’t look at the comments sections of any websites you visit–including this one.

Trolls will post spoilers wherever they think you don’t expect them.

  1. Stay off Reddit entirely

The mods of your favorite subreddits may well be serious about keeping their domains spoiler-free.

Heck, the Marvel Reddit actually went on lockdown when the Endgame leaks happened.

But again, spoilers will pop up where you least expect them.

You might think your gardening or classic cars subreddit is safe to browse, but that’s exactly where they’ll get you.


You know what, just cancel the internet. If you can live a hermit’s life in the meat space world, for now, go ahead and do it. Who knows? Maybe you’ll actually like it outside.

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