Tokyo Revengers Chapter 260 Release Date, Spoilers, and Other Details!

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With Taiju Shiba on the battlefield, will the Kantou Manji gang be put on the backfoot? Will Taiju help Takemichi and why? Read this article to find everything about Tokyo Revengers Chapter 260!

About Tokyo Revengers

Takemichi Hanagaki finds out that his middle school ex-girlfriend, Hinata Tachibana, and her younger brother Naoto had been murdered by the Tokyo Manji Gang. When Takemichi is shoved in front of a train, he teleports to 2005, precisely 12 years ago. He makes the  decision to save his ex-girlfriend from certain death.

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Recap for Tokyo Revengers Chapter 259

Chapter 259’s title is “Something Demonic”.  Mitusya asks Taiju to witness the fight against Kantou Manji Gang. Mitsuya is surprised when Taiju actually shows up to fight. He says he has front-row tickets to see Hanagaki beat up Mikey. People can hardly believe that Taiju is working under Takemichi as he is not the subservient kind.


Tokyo Revengers Chapter 260

Taiju approaches Takemichi and tells him that he is the only one who can fight Mikey. He offers to open up a path so that he can go and attack Mikey. Taiju fights his way through the Kantou Maji Gang and sweeps them aside as though they were flies.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 260

Takemichi says that Taiju is like a bulldozer. Mitsuya says that Taiju has been charmed by Takemichi who also saved the Shiba siblings. At any rate, everyone is thrilled to see Tajiu combating with full strength.


Tokyo Revengers Chapter 260

The Kantou Manji Gang is in panic as he is taking all of them out one by one. Eventually he cuts through the crowd to reach the original Black Dragons who stand as the final defence between him and Mikey. The final panel shows Taiju taunting them to a fight.

Spoilers for Tokyo Revengers Chapter 260

  • Official spoilers for Chapter 260 are not out yet, but we speculate that now that Taiju Shiba has cut through the entire Kantou Manji gang to face the first generation Black Dragons, there is going to be an epic battle.
  • Probably Taiju will defeat them both, given that he has the support of the likes of Mitsuya and Takemichi.
  • However, the threat of Mikey looms large. And it is imminent that he will appear and cause some major trouble to Taiju and his gang.

Release Date For Tokyo Revengers Chapter 260

The English translations of Chapter 260 of the Tokyo Revengers manga will be released on July 5, 2022. The chapter title has not been leaked yet.

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Where to Read Tokyo Revengers?

You can read the entire Tokyo Revengers manga legally on the Kodansha website or the Mangamo app. You can also read it here.


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