Tokyo Revengers: Takemichi Just Made Things Worse

Takemichi Hanagaki has a knack for making rash decisions at the most inopportune times. Whether speaking out of turn or acting on impulse, the Tokyo Revengers protagonist often lands himself and others in hot water. Even with his ability to leap through time. Here is everything you need to know about Takemichi just made things worse.

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Takemichi Is A Glutton For PunishmentTakemichi Is A Glutton For Punishment

Takemichi takes a vicious beating from Kiyomasa and his crew. Then he quickly makes things worse for himself when he tells Kiyomasa that he would like to meet the gang’s leaders. He had very little knowledge of the Tokyo Manji Gang or its leaders. And it would have been best for him to just leave after being beaten.

In response to Takemichi’s unexpected prying, Kiyomasa takes a bat to him and beats him senseless as the rest of his crew look on concerned their leader might kill him.

Takemichi Infuriates Pah At A Toman MeetingPah At A Toman Meeting

With the knowledge that Toman’s impending conflict with Moebius will eventually lead to Toman’s downfall, Takemichi interrupts a meeting Mikey is holding with Draken, Pah, and Peh to implore Toman’s leader to call off the upcoming battle.

Already infuriated by what Moebius did to his friend, Pah attacks Takemichi. Rather than successfully becoming the voice of reason, Takemichi’s outburst gives rise to friction between Mikey and Toman’s vice president when Draken questions his leader’s decision regarding Moebius.

Takemichi Lacks Urgency When Draken Is StabbedTakemichi Lacks Urgency When Draken Is Stabbed

After discovering that Kiyomasa stabbed Draken, Takemichi sits idly by instead of hastily acting to save his friend’s life. He can only stare at Draken and call his name. Even though Draken is badly injured, he wastes valuable time by failing to take initiative.

he can only take action after hearing Mikey call on him to do something. Finally, he carries Draken to a safe place where he can call an ambulance. He takes too long to help his fallen comrade.

Takemichi Punches Kisaki At The CeremonyTakemichi Punches Kisaki At The Ceremony

When Mikey appoints Kisaki as the new Third Division Captain, Takemichi becomes visibly upset. He attacks Kisaki, effectively ruining the ceremony and embarrassing Toman’s leader, Mikey.

Only a surprise appearance from Baji stops Takemichi from dealing with far more severe consequences for his actions. Not long after, he makes a deal with Mikey to bring Baji back to Toman and have Kisaki removed. However, Mikey tells him that he will kill him if he fails.

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Takemichi Watches Mikey Beat KazutoraTakemichi Watches Mikey Beat Kazutora

Baji dies during the Bloody Halloween battle between Toman and Valhalla. Takemichi is already aware that Mikey murdering Kazutora is what leads to the tragic future he’s trying to prevent. But when Mikey begins pummelling Kazutora for stabbing Baji, he stands by and watches.

He wastes valuable time once again thinking about the future he doesn’t want to occur instead of doing something. Baji interrupts and stops Mikey, but Mikey begins hitting Kazutora again after Baji dies, only then does he finally step in and stop him.

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