Tom Hiddleston: All The Unknown Facts About The God of Mischief

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Loki is undoubtedly the most favorite villain of every Marvel fan. He went on to be the first villain of the Thor franchise to become the first, most painful departure for fans in Infinity War.

No matter how you put it, Loki always had the audience in his grasp. Tom Hiddleston is nothing but tailor-made for this role.

Not only does he portray Loki flawlessly, but he also does it looking like an actual God. God of Mischief, trickster or whatever name you give him, his character’s unpredictability, his sometimes dark but otherwise lite humor, his politeness even while he is destroying a city, all of this makes him our favorite.

Well, Thor Ragnarok gave him another chance at redemption, and we got to see another huge fun side of the Thor cast.


With Tom Hiddleston returning as Loki in the new series documenting the adventures of Loki through timelines with his newfound Tesseract, it is going to be nothing but fun.

Our handsome British actor turns 40 on 9th February, and it is an honor to bring you every unknown fact about our God of Mischief.


The Royalty


Hiddleston had a pretty decent childhood and ended up attending an exclusive private school, Eton, with actor Eddie Redmayne who he has been friends with for over 20 years.


Even though Hiddleston never name drops, probably because it will be tacky, Hiddleston attended the same school as Prince William, and the Prince was his junior in school.

Better suited?

Every Marvel fan worth their salt would know that Hiddleston tried for the Thor role too.

Actually, the truth is Hiddleston was introduced into Marvel audition because of his Kenneth Branagh, with who he had previously worked.


Hiddleston even bulked up for the audition to play Thor. For better or worse, he didn’t get that role but ended up playing the God of Mischief, which became his career-altering role. Fun fact he never auditioned for Loki.

Case of mistaken identity


We have some actors or celebrities who look a lot alike, and people get confused with them. The one as big as this is worth mentioning.

Many suddenly started praising Hiddleston for his role in the movie Prometheus in 2012. The only problem is that Hiddleston was never in the film.


So, who was in it? Well, it was Michael Fassbender, and people just mistook him for Hiddleston.


While Hiddleston can just be the God of Mischief and talented trickster in the MCU, in real life, Hiddleston is multitalented.

Hiddleston can speak several languages and has a killer way of mimicking people.

Well, as we already know, he is good at juggling in a moving car; what many don’t know is that he can also dance like a God.


Hiddleston also keeps his costars entertained on set by singing in-between shots and by playing the piano.

Social Media Guru


Tom Hiddleston has a lot to tell, and that will most probably be on Twitter. He has an exceptionally positive outlook on everything and is always seen sharing his positivity to the world.

He is constantly praising his fans, sharing the songs he likes, and keeping people hyped. He is basically a Twitter Philosopher, unlike Loki.


He is known for also answering fans when the question is unavoidable.

His chemistry and bromance with Chris Hemsworth extend offscreen as the actor is often seen gushing over Hemsworth.

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