Top Ten Daredevils Who Do Their Own Stunts


Ten Actors who don’t use a stunt double

Action movies are beloved for their nail-biting sequences and shots where we see the actors involved in death-defying moments. Be it jumping from a burning building or somersaulting across a wooden table, a high-speed car chase, or escaping in a motorcycle. Directors enjoy such scenes in action movies because they hook the audience to the movie time and again. Sometimes not all these scenes are mere illusions. With the help of CGI a stunt double, much of the action sequences are being done. But some daredevils in the industry prefer to do their stunts. Some of these A-list celebrity daredevils are mentioned here.

1. Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan attends the premiere of The Foreigner last week in Hollywood, Calif.

It would be no wonder that Jackie Chan is the first name to be included in this list. He began his career as a stuntman; the actor built an impressive career around his action movies. His trademark is that he does his stunts. The number of broken bones in his body attests to this fact. He is the worlds leading martial arts actor.

2. Tom Cruise


The beloved daredevil of Hollywood. The stories of Cruise stunt is often discussed in the talk shows, and though they’re recounted relatively, we could still understand the severity of it. The most versatile actor of the generation, he ups his ante in every installment of the Mission Impossible series. The sky is the limit for this man.


3. Harrison Ford


Our beloved Indian Jones, much like the adventurous crusader he plays, loves doing his stunts. Despite being in his mid-sixties when he appeared in Indian Jones later installment, he chose to do his stunt. A veteran actor, he pushes himself through strenuous physical activities to keep himself in shape.

4. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Though it would be quite impossible for our Terminator to perform all the mind-boggling stunts in the Terminator series, he still managed to do quite a bit. In both Conan and Commando, Schwarzenegger did his actions partially because it was hard to find a stunt double for him. This means he wrestled a wolf, jumped from a 40-foot building, and, of course, bounced off a plane too.


5. Keanu Reeves


John Wick loves to do his stunts. The actor has built his impressive action resume only depending on himself. From Speed, the action-packed movie to The Matrix trilogy and the John Wick installments Reeves has done his stunts. He has the habit of training in secret and perfecting the act.

6. Daniel Craig


Playing the super-spy James Bond is no picnic. Craig has mastered the art of Bond. He has admitted in various interviews that if the action sequence is too complicated, he leaves it to the professional, but if he felt like he could tackle it, the prefers to do it himself. The Bond actor keeps himself in top physical condition to perform such tasks.


7. Jason Statham



In the man’s own words, ” The adrenaline is a great rush. I love it, but it is quite stupid”, indeed it is. Statham built his career out of the many action movies he appears in. He says that sometimes doing his stunts gets a bit more challenging because he wants to top himself every single time.

8. Sylvester Stallone


The actor’s most significant work was Rocky, but before that, he had established himself as one of the greatest action heroes of history. He loved doing his stunts so much that he had been sent to the ICU in the middle of shooting. He even broke his neck during the Expendables shoot. Though this is highly dangerous, there is some thrill in watching Stallone plow through the villains.


9. Matt Damon


Damon is an implausible addition to this list. The actor’s name gets to be included mainly because of his Bourne trilogy. He embraced the character of an amnesiac spy and played it to perfection giving the generation a new action hero. Damon was ready to perform the intense driving sequences, and he even performed some underwater scenes though he later admitted that it terrified him.

10. Angelina Jolie


The list would never be complete without this remarkable addition. Julie does her stunts because she just wants to do it. She underwent a very stringent exercise regimen to get in shape after her pregnancy. Be it jumping from a moving car or building, this lady is down to do it. From the movie Mr and Mrs.Smith to her latest Maleficient, she has performed 99% of her stunts. Her greatest commendation is her movie Salt, where she served all the action sequences.
Well, here are our top ten daredevils who prefer to truly inhabit their roles. Be it madness in their methods or precision in their works, they do it for their beloved fans.


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